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Suzunoto Pixelmon

Suzunoto Pixelmon


My goal with this server is to make a server that both I, and the people playing enjoy. I've been playing pixelmon since the very beginning, and I've always not been able to stand the giant servers that make the whole experience feel impersonal. I really want to make this server a community of people who enjoy the game.

The server is still extremely new, so I'm still setting up stuff. I could use all the help I can get in making the server as enjoyable to play as I can make it. I want to make this place like how 13 year old me would have wanted a server to be like.

[b]I should also add that my plans for the server are:[/b]
Big scripted events with prizes and alot of content.
Both casual and serious competitive tournaments.
A big focus on both making it enjoyable for casuals but not isolating competitive players.
A town system.
Player Gyms.
And much, much more!!

If anything doesn't work, it's probably because I haven't gotten to adding it yet. Please feel free to let me know if any features that you like aren't enabled, and if it's within reason I'll enable them.

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