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best water fire bois > :D

best water fire bois > :D


HIYA i'm looking for players to join my Pixelmon Server! if ya dont know what it is.. it's a minecraft mod that basically brings Pokemon to life in Minecraft! its an awesome mod thats been in development since 2012 and still getting updated to this day to make it play just like the actual games!

i'm mainly looking to get more people to play with in the server, but if you're confident in your building skills and, or have experience running a server i'd love to get some help with those qualities cause i have none of em what so ever, i'm basically learning on the fly BUT i'm doing my best to try and learn how to run this server with the best of my ability everyday!
If you'd be down to lend a hand or just looking for friendly server to play Minecraft/Pixelmon! let me know in the comments below and i'll add ya to th4 server discord!

Here is the iP!! :

OH and we're called.. ]PIXELMONTASTIC!!!

Also Server modpack!

Hello, I own my own server that's currently whitelist only and I also am a mod for the server called Danktropolis and have been playing Pixelmon for a few years now. I have experience with plug ins and have a lot of connections in the Pixelmon community. If you'd like any help at all, I'm down. I do need the discord invite though :P XD
Posted 16th Sep 2021
I enjoy this server quite a bit.

One thing I think COULD be improved is how I sometimes get lag but other then that it's completely fine.
Posted 10th Sep 2021