This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pixelmon with a spice of Npc life!


Download the modpack from the website to connect.

Resident Pixelmon is here to bring you a new Pixelmon experience. Keeping up to date with the newest version available, we are also happy to share that we use Minecraft Comes Alive. This will allow our players to enjoy the life as a husband, wife, father, or mother. Perhaps you want to integrate your family with another player? Easy enough, just marry into their family. You can marry their sister, brother, grandparents, or even their children. Not only did we we include Minecraft Comes Alive, but we have added in Custom NPCs to help spice up the towns. This will allow for quests, unique trades, and possibly some PVE experience against Boss npcs. With both NPC packs added in, what would our houses be without adding in BiblioCraft? Biblio will allow you to make custom chairs, item cases, armor racks, and more! This will certainly help spice up a dull house in no time. The last mod we added in is CraftManager. This may come to a surprise, but we do actually want to keep the game fair. We do not want to see Monarch’s demanding free gifts from everyone’s family or friends. We also do not want to see some of the better pokemon balls simply crafted as easily as the rest. So we have removed a few recipes to ensure game play remains fun and fair for everyone.

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