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Siyntra Studios Pixelmon!

Elite Four!

Elite Four!

Battle the Elite Four in a epic showdown style!


Welcome to Siyntra Studios Pixelmon!
Megas + Omegas!

Megas + Omegas!

Awesome pokemon looks and views!

Welcome to Siyntra's Pixelmon!

Here we have our own modpack:

CurseForge: ""

Here you will an awesome modded pixelmon expirence! With over 200+ custom textures, Active Communities, Awesome streamers!
We have group Raids, Pokedex Rewards, Custom Events, Paid tournaments, Ranks, Crates and more! We have a dedicated team working to give players a elite player experience!

This Version of pixelmon is the latest Reforged Pixelmon adding over 850 pokemon into the game for you to collect and gather! Pixelmon runs on minecraft 1.16.5!

Server IP:

good best of all the cracked server just need some minor changes in ultra space else then everything is AOK
Posted 27th May 2024
good sv.....................
Posted 5th May 2024
Liking it so far. I hope they increase the spawn rate of ash Greninja and strike pokemon though.
Posted 6th Apr 2023
nice server i like it thx for making this server
Posted 3rd Feb 2023
Used to be such a good server, everything was equal and now it's become super p2w. 200 dollar ranks, crate keys for mega stones, legendary skins, shinies, and even chances to get max IV pokemon which not only destroys the breeding factor but makes hunting for shinies almost feel useless. Dynamax dens were even almost fully disabled to make it where you can only get them through wishing pieces. No worries though, you can get those wishing pieces by spending more money.
Posted 2nd Feb 2023
Server is always active, and has an amazing community. Made friends with so many great people on there already and I know if it keeps going the rate that it is... It will be top 15 servers all-time in less than a year
Posted 10th Jan 2023
An enjoyable server with a supportive and fun community. The mods are extremely willing to help and constantly update the game to keep it fun for players. Give it a chance if you haven't!
Posted 9th Jan 2023