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Pixelmon Arena



8 Custom Towns Based on the Sinnoh Region. We also have a professionally built spawn. Screenshots of towns:

Custom Biomes - We have installed a map that has custom biomes. There are both regular Minecraft biomes and custom ones to explore.

Quests - We have a quest system with a detailed storyline. We release brand new quests every single week.

PokeHunt - Catch specific Pokemon and earn rewards.

PokeBuilder - Edit your Pokemon to make them as powerful and cool as possible.

Shiny Starters

High Shiny Spawnrate - 1/1000 Chance

Sign Shops - Players can set up their own automated buy, sell, and trade shops.

Ranks - As you defeat gyms, you will rank up. You start out as a youngster and get new prefixes as you move your way up. Defeating all gyms and completing all main storyline quests will give you the pixelmon master rank.

Daycare Sidemod

MMO Plugin - Level up your skills such as mining, chopping, fishing, etc.

Grief Prevention - You can claim your land.

Custom Biomes Real Player gym leaders and Elite 4

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