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PokeCraft Kanto Adventure

PokeCraft Kanto Adventure


PokeCraft is a 1.7.10 Minecraft server running the Pixelmon mod version 3.5.1. We have based it in the wonderful Kanto region and it has all 8 gyms available, with the Elite 4 and champion coming soon. The server is a fully functioning adventure with PokeMarts, PokeCentres, etc. We also regularly hold battle tournaments as well as other different competitions. We hope to bring an authentic Pokemon experience to our players and ensure they have the best time possible. See you on the server!

I really love the kanto map, plugins of this server and that it doesn't lag.
I hope this server can be updated to the newest version of pixelmon, which is 5.0.0 and minecraft 1.10.2. So that more people can join.
Right now, I'm the only person on the server...
Posted 28th Dec 2016