This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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|TimesCraftEvents|Gyms|Legendaries|No Lag|3.3.5|


Server Rules
General Rules:
· No advertising
· No swearing
· Don’t ask staff to check forums they will be done
· No asking for ranks

Chat Offences
· Advertising: No advertising of any sort is permitted
· Spamming: Sending to many and/or repeating the same message
· Caps: No sending messages in caps
· General rudeness: Just don’t do it
· Chat trolling: Saying things that are misleading and intend to cause confusion
· Protesting: Arguing will not be tolerated to staff or other players

· No Inappropriate skins
· No inappropriate Names

Teamspeak Rules:
· Do not spam
· Don not troll
· Do not disrespect or harass others
· Language to a minimal
· NO arguing
· No advertising
· Music to be at a low level

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