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Here on Pokeplay our goal is to create any and all experiences you would want with Pixelmon, from a full Survival server to custom adventure servers that are designed to be recreations of the gameboy games.

Our server is run by a growing staff team that have years of Pixelmon server experience that we continue to expand on by bringing in current dedicated players that apply for staff to make sure that we're keeping every decision made for the players are all in their best interest.

Come and check out the server yourself and enjoy playing recreations of passed and present pokemon games with our own little twists and hidden easter eggs, quests, and more.

IP Address:

To join our server simple download and use our Modpack here:

Something that I love about this server is how it is still evolving. It has survival, Kanto, and they have Johto, but it is not finished yet (They don't have Mt. Silver or the Safari Zone at the time of this review). You can get all of the pokemon on Kanto besides Legendaries, and it will be the same with Johto once they release the remaining zones. It is still a very fun server, and one that I would highly recommend!
Posted 26th Oct 2018