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Zen Network

Zen Network


Welcome To The ZenNetwork!! -Running-7.0.8-
There's four custom pixelmon servers for you to choose from!!
As well as a skyblock and even a prisons and a survival on the way!!
A Few Things About what makes us Great!!!

  1. Custom Plugin-Pixelmon Bottlecaps!!
  2. Custom textured Pokemon to catch and train!!
  3. Gyms-Places to hone your skills and gain badges!!
  4. Cities-Cool Lore in each city as well as mini games and Gyms!!
  5. Safari-Hard to find biomes all in one place!!
  6. Custom spawning locations on each server for crazy pokemon!!
  7. Ranks-To show off!!Crates-Tons of loot!!
  8. EVTraining Areas!!
  9. Shiny Starters!!
    10.Great Staff!!
    11.Sinnoh adventure map and more coming soon!!
    Offical Network of Zeno.AmericanTech,Ladymania,and alex!!

There is Also Weekly Events and A tournament each month for crazy in game items and money!! I hope to see you all there feel free to Join!!

Website- Not one just yet!!

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