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LunarRising Pixelmon Reforged

LunarRising Pixelmon Reforged


About Us
Pixelmon is an in-depth Pokemon mod for Minecraft. On Lunar Rising's Pixelmon Server you will find hundreds of unique Pokemon to catch and add to your pokedex. We offer a new way to rankup on our server, through adding Pokemon to your Dex you unlock new ranks and rewards!
Battle your friends or take on our NPC Gyms and become the next E4 Champion hosted by our lovely Player Community. With active staff and a friendly community, we can guarentee an unique experience on Lunar Rising. Below you will find a list of the features we have to offer you as a player of our great community.

Discord -
Website -
Server IP -

General Settings

Legends & Shinies Enabled
Shiny Starters
Custom Starters
Survival Server
Keep Inventory
No Hunger
Riding Enabled
Safari Zone
4x Spawn Rates
Free Ev Training Grounds
Golden Shovel Protection
Casino - Coming Soon
GTS (Global Trade Station)

Custom Plugins

Dex Ranks w/ Rewards
Custom Pokestops
    Random Egg Chance
    Random Held Item Chance
    Random Pokeballs
    Economy Reward
    20% Iv Boost for catching correct nature
    10% Iv Boost for any incorrect nature
    Bonus Rewards
        Rare Candies
        Random Pokeballs
Wild Aura Pokemon - New Pokemon Rarity
    Chance of Custom Texture Aura Pokemon
10 Floor Battle Tower w/ Token Reward System
    Single Battles
        Level 50
        Level 100
    Double Battles
        Level 50
        Level 100
Poke Builder
    Unlocked by ranking up in the DexRanks
    Unlocked custom colorize option by donating
    Rainbow Sash/Hat Event Unlocks
    Fedora / Top Hat / Fez Donation Unlocks
Trivia Rewards
Poke Disguises w/ built in gui and shop to purchase
Shiny/Legend Boosters
    2x/4x/8x Shiny Boosters have been added
    2x/4x/8x Legend Boosters - Coming Soon
    2x/4x/8x Aura Boosters - Coming Soon
Custom NPC Shop GUI
    No more gigantic malls (1 NPC that categorizes everything
    Share a Home Location
    Item Gift your partner from anywhere
    Teleport to your partner
Custom Texture Pokemon - Requires our texture pack
    Has a chance of spawning in the Wild - Coming Soon
    Has a rarer chance of spawning in wild with an Aura Particle - Coming Soon
    Limited Edition Pokemon can be purchased on Donation Store - Coming Soon
i cant even play. i keep crashing on the server. i would imagine it would be great, but i just keep crashing!!!
Posted 18th Feb 2018
Everything looks nice, but i dont want play with lag like that. Fix the serverlag then i ll join again. Only this server lags to me like this so its not my internet. Good luck, i will check your sever later again.
Posted 9th Dec 2017
I like how that the server overdo on it's spawn rates and the ranking system for your pokedex. It really encourages players to capture pokemon. I don't really dislike anything about the server, it's a fine server.
IGN: SumTingWong_II
Posted 13th Nov 2017