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LunarRising Pixelmon Reforged


About Us

Pixelmon is an in-depth Pokemon mod for Minecraft. On Lunar Rising's Pixelmon Server you will find hundreds of unique Pokemon to catch and add to your pokedex. We offer a new way to rankup on our server, through adding Pokemon to your Dex you unlock new ranks and rewards!
Battle your friends or take on our NPC Gyms and become the next E4 Champion hosted by our lovely Player Community. With active staff and a friendly community, we can guarantee an unique experience on Lunar Rising. Below you will find a list of the features we have to offer you as a player of our great community.

Discord -
Website -
Server IP -


General Settings

Legends & Shinies Enabled
Normal/Shiny/Custom Starters
Survival Server
Keep Inventory
No Hunger
Riding Enabled
Safari Zone
4x Spawn Rates
Free Ev Training Grounds
Golden Shovel Protection
Casino - Coming Soon
GTS (Global Trade Station)
Marriage System
Dex Ranks

Custom Plugins

Wild Aura/Shadow Pokemon - New Pokemon Rarity
Shadow Pokemon/ Event Pokemon Extended - Requires our texture pack
    Has a chance of spawning in the Wild
    Has a rarer chance of spawning in wild with an Aura Particle
    Limited Edition Pokemon can be purchased on Donation Store
Custom Pokestops
    Random Egg Chance
    Random Held Item Chance
    Random Pokeballs
    Economy Reward
Advanced Pokehunt
    25% Iv Boost for catching correct nature
    10% Iv Boost for any incorrect nature
    Way more rewards and tiers to do!
Advanced Poke Builder
Many Many Cosmetics
    Armour Sets
Poke Disguises
    Shiny Boosters have been added
Their resource pack is mostly cute and all, but their spawn is laggy with all the pixelmon items and chiseled Pokemon. However, they legit have a Charabug Pokemon recolored to be a penis and making it look like it fucking an NPC. Really gross and disgusting, wish I never saw it.

Posted 24th Mar 2019
Thanks for the review; the charjabug was a meme and will be removed ASAP. We appologize if it made you feel uncomfortable but it’s the 21st century; if you can’t handle the internet, don’t get on it.

In response to your lag issues; have you followed any of the tips we have likely provided you in which you need 2.5gb ram to play pixemon. Likely not; but in any case; statues no longer cause lag because they are handled client sided; so your issue is something else. Don’t blame the server for potatoe settings.

Have a good day.


So I deleted my original review to make this post because I'm annoyed I can't respond to the original review.

First off- I know how much ram to dedicate and have more then enough over 2.5gb ram to play pixelmon. I dedicate 6gb to Pixelmon.

However- that doesn't stop the fact Pixelmon isn't super efficient on it's resources. A lot of models in one areas are going to lag people because entities lag people.
My settings are not "potatoe". You guys are just putting a lot of entities in one area when pixelmon isn't efficient and the models take quite a bit. Hell, even spawning 100 vanilla cows will cause the average player lag because- hey it's entities!

And you're super hostile for saying 'its the internet'. Dude, I don't join pixelmon servers expecting to see a severed penis model fucking a NPC. It was gross. It had puss and hair and was made to be gross. Telling me to not get on the internet because I didn't like your 'just a meme' is just you guys pushing the blame off with my issue.

You guys have super cute other skins. If you want to have that kind of meme, make it apparent that your server has those kind of NSFW jokes or like- at least not have had it outside your /spawn.

Seriously though I could throw the comments back on you-
It's the 21st century. No one except people who think the liberals and SJWs are taking over the media and restricting freedom responds to people's problems with "get off the internet if you can't handle something made to look like a severed penis"
The server replied:
Let me ask you these three questions;

1. Have I addressed these complaints within the discord Suggestions & Feedback Channel?
2. Have I provided a better way of going about the concept in which I'm complaining about?
3. Have the staff members responded to my complaint with a bit of insight in which it is or isn't possible to do?

If you really felt like there was a problem; you could have simply contacted a staff member or even went to FrostEffects on discord with the complaint and had it resolved in a much more sophisticated way. But your failure to answer the 3 above questions results in more so an annoyance over anything. Furthermore; Pixelmon Statues by the look of our timings ISN'T the problem in spawn. There spaced out enough so that they do not conflict. In the spawn building itself though there are far more laggy problems at play that will be addressed and reduced (The BannerBoards (ItemFrames) So again; If you aren't capable of working with us to make things better then I apologize and wish you the best wherever you go.

Have a good one.
Posted 3rd Apr 2019
I remember when Lunar Rising used to be my favorite server... I came back from camp to see this server has evolved into a steaming pile of hot garbage. The mods don't care and people bully you! The commands are broken and they don't have the quality of life controls that like, eeeevery other server has.

Why are you guys doing nothing? Are you so cheap you can't maintenance the most simple of things, or are you just lazy and raking in cash from unsuspecting victims?

I can't wait until this place disappears. Good riddance!!
The server replied:
Appreciate the review; however, you have provided a rant with no sort of feedback for us to work on “fixing” to make you content with the server, nor have you contacted us through discord in our suggestions/feedback so there isn’t much to say here other then best of luck. Lunar Rising will live on as it has for 2 years and still stands as one of the better servers in which we put more money into development then 90% of others. Anyway good luck.
Posted 29th Mar 2019
This place at first is amazing but the person who runs it is extremely unstable if you have the imsofrtune of having to communicate with them. Which, at that point, is probably too late for you. Don't play here, go to Oblique. The owner threatens you with no evidence to back up his claims. Doesn't matter if you donated or supported the server. Shame on you for asking a question. Legends haven't spawned in over a month, ultra space is broken, connection issues. It's bad. I should have done my research before I donated... I feel bad for the nice mods that make this place almost worth it.
This place had a fantastic currency system and I'd built a lovely property and was having such a fantastic time, but it was very short lived. I'm sad to say I have to leave this server. I won't tolerate the behavior from this power tripepd admin and what I say won't matter when they hold such a seat of power. Instead, I hope this review sheds light that this place is not as friendly as the mods make it out to be, and that a lot of things are broken within the server at the moment. I'm afraid the general public don't even know, or are just tolerating it. It's been over a month and these issues aren't fixed and they were bluntly told to me it's not a priority. Just try someplace else. I'm scared to keep playing here because I was threatened to be banned over asking a question a couple times, which means if something serious happens they'll just ban me without thought because I was "trouble". It's their responsibility as owners to help players and unfortunately I was the victim to their easily triggered annoyance because of my "repeated questions" and "spamming". I asked once on discord, and I messaged two mods. One forwarded me to someone else, which was Frost, the founder who immaturely lashed out and flew off tha handle. In response I asked to please understand, provide evidence to what happened, maybe they're confusing me with someone else. Nope.

I have no power here except for choosing to take my support elsewhere. I'm really disappointed because the mods here are lovely and I really enjoyed it but the founder is unacceptable and irresponsible.

I expect the response below from staff will be unsatisfactory or false, because I have the evidence that proves what was accused is wrong, but this review is for the public to be careful here if you insist on playing. Just try and stay quiet because speaking up will put you in danger.
The server replied:
Appreciate the review; you’ve provided some false information regarding the reasons you were “threatened” to be banned. You came into the server for a week and tried to make claims like we broke your internet; you can’t connect because of something we done, and demand that we reset just for you. You come back later and tell us that it was your fault not ours and ramble on and on. You were previous playing victim on another server prior to lunar rising in which you left because “staff didn’t answer you” and started charging back there. Then you come to Lunar Rising doing the same thing. Sorry; it doesn’t fly here; you were banned for attempting to chargeback a donation and making threats along with advertising. Have a good one.
Posted 9th Mar 2019
My sis and I joined this server and had an absolute worst time. She even got screamed at by the founder over something she didn't do and got falsely accused of multiple things. We have even donated to support the server in hopes they would fix the HUGE PROBLEMS they refuse to have fixed for a month now but they said they get asked so much it's not a priority??? What the heck is wrong with you guys, don't you see you're losing players???

And further more don't you know chargebacks ding you from being able to be a reliable company when people have to force refunds for your weak reputation??? Now we have to go to our banks and force it because of one mod threatening to ban her (which would be our IP, meaning me too and I didn't do anything) because you couldn't take responsibility for an aggressive, emotional admin and now you're gonna deal with fees. Way to go guys, way to be an adult.

Fix your garbage server!! You guys were so mean to her and she didn't deserve it! She may want to move on but I hate you guys for being so cruel!!
Posted 9th Mar 2019
Probably one of the best servers I know of, ill admit it has its moments when it doesn't want to work but it is a great experience for all.
Posted 13th Jun 2018
When I first came onto this server, there were a handful of users. The idea of shadow pokemon is great...3 weeks down the line and i'm usually the only one on the server. And honestly, it's just frustrating. When a member of staff did get on - a mod - I asked them a question about the "double shiny weekend" and they said 'I dunno'. With myself usually being the only one on the server also, Legendary spawns have happened on occasion.

But my god have they made it frustrating. Not only can you not purchase masterballs but their keys to crates on here - to support the server - are ridiculously expensive. And what you get for it is nothing. You can get 1 masterball for 14 days of being online...but randomly, it likes to reset your counter.

I understand that you don't want to make the game easy but with a team of lvl 100 pokemon that took me hours to train - ev trained as well - with false swipe and sleeping moves : it took me 5 stacks of ultra balls and I still didn't catch a 1hp suicune with sleep...

And since you can only have so many apricorn trees in one area, making ultra balls takes a very very long time.

They have the grounds of an interesting server but seem to have a lacklustre attitude towards keeping it going. When I first went on, the owners were incredibly degrading towards their staff so it's no surprise that the server is practically staffless. And those that have stayed don't care about doing their job and helping players when they are online.

Very disappointed.
The server replied:
These issues have all been addressed and changed. Daily Rewards do not reset.

We have no control over catch rates soo basing your review on that seems a bit pointless as its the same on every server but understand the frustration.

Limited apricorns on our server are much higher then other servers which i might add was added by pixelmon themselves; its to prevent the server from lagging from to many in a chunk. you can use f3+h i believe to see chunk borders though and get around the whole concept

As for the comment about staff degrading; I'm sorry you feel this way but you're wrong. The reason the server doesn't receive alot of staff is because we don't turn everyone and their moms into staff members. I've had the same staff team for 5 years sooo not sure what you mean..?

feel free to stop back by if you like and try again; we've updated to 6.3.1 and everythings running more smoothly.
Posted 24th Mar 2018
i cant even play. i keep crashing on the server. i would imagine it would be great, but i just keep crashing!!!
The server replied:
You should probably look into buying a better toaster if you intend to play pixelmon servers. Nothing more to really say but sorry for your inability to play a server.
Posted 18th Feb 2018
Everything looks nice, but i dont want play with lag like that. Fix the serverlag then i ll join again. Only this server lags to me like this so its not my internet. Good luck, i will check your sever later again.
The server replied:
Calling lag on a server doesnt help diagnose the problem. When and where does it accumulate? At what time or where? Have you even considered coming to us in discord and talking through it? Probably not but feel free to do so. I can shoot you atleast 100 different timings every time you call server lag and prove to you that the server is always at 20TPS.
Posted 9th Dec 2017
I like how that the server overdo on it's spawn rates and the ranking system for your pokedex. It really encourages players to capture pokemon. I don't really dislike anything about the server, it's a fine server.
IGN: SumTingWong_II
Posted 13th Nov 2017