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LunarRising Pixelmon Reforged


About Us

Pixelmon is an in-depth Pokemon mod for Minecraft. On Lunar Rising's Pixelmon Server you will find hundreds of unique Pokemon to catch and add to your pokedex. We offer a new way to rankup on our server, through adding Pokemon to your Dex you unlock new ranks and rewards!
Battle your friends or take on our NPC Gyms and become the next E4 Champion hosted by our lovely Player Community. With active staff and a friendly community, we can guarantee an unique experience on Lunar Rising. Below you will find a list of the features we have to offer you as a player of our great community.

Discord -
Website -
Server IP -


General Settings

Legends & Shinies Enabled
Normal/Shiny/Custom Starters
Survival Server
Keep Inventory
No Hunger
Riding Enabled
Safari Zone
4x Spawn Rates
Free Ev Training Grounds
Golden Shovel Protection
Casino - Coming Soon
GTS (Global Trade Station)
Marriage System
Dex Ranks

Custom Plugins

Wild Aura/Shadow Pokemon - New Pokemon Rarity
Shadow Pokemon/ Event Pokemon Extended - Requires our texture pack
    Has a chance of spawning in the Wild
    Has a rarer chance of spawning in wild with an Aura Particle
    Limited Edition Pokemon can be purchased on Donation Store
Custom Pokestops
    Random Egg Chance
    Random Held Item Chance
    Random Pokeballs
    Economy Reward
Advanced Pokehunt
    25% Iv Boost for catching correct nature
    10% Iv Boost for any incorrect nature
    Way more rewards and tiers to do!
Advanced Poke Builder
Many Many Cosmetics
    Armour Sets
Poke Disguises
    Shiny Boosters have been added
This server is my favorite because it really feels like your in a community, especially when you join the discord server. I've interacted with the founder: FrostEffects multiple times and I remember one time that I was hunting for a rayquaza for days, and the guys in charge gave me a shiny one. The problem with a tightly knit community however is that the server doesn't tend to have heavy player traffic, which is one of my only issues with the server.
Posted 9th Feb 2020
IGN: DankVaka
Discord: dankvaka#6531
Date: 01/09/2020

-server is very unique
-the free shiny is a very nice addition to the game (incentive to voting)
-events are enjoyable and you actually have to work for your Pokemon
-should be able to fly at spawn
Posted 9th Jan 2020
IGN: ItzThatBaldGuy
Discord: ThatBaldGuy#3673

-Poke builder is amazing, if you want to change Pokemon genders, evs, ivs, natures, etc.
-Training area is great and easy to train in
-Events can be a great way to obtain rare textured Mons and legends
- Dex rank up rewards are better than other servers
-The server has some cool Vote Party rewards

-The server feels a little more pay oriented than most (legends do not spawn very often), but you can buy them/ eggs for other rare textured Mons in the shop (They have tried remedying this by making a legend spawn during a vote party but it never works)
-The economy is kinda weird on the server, Shinnies are given out so often that most people say "oh there is another 3 crystals" (crystal Shards are a currency used on the server that shinnies among other things can be traded for), My point is that Shinnies, Which are normally very rare are given away so much that they lose their meaning

Overall: I really enjoy playing on the server, especially filling my pokedex which has some great rewards in the later tiers, Ive put a decent amount of time into the server and plan to continue playing on it for the foreseeable future
Posted 9th Jan 2020
IGN: FiercePanda01
Discord: FiercePanda#5180
Date: January 9th, 2019

-Economy is really good (Everyone isn't rich and has a reasonable amount of good Pokemon).
-PokeBuilder is a great tool for literally everything to beef up your Pokemon.
-There are events in the server with good rewards that keep you busy.
-The voteshop is a nice addition and has good rewards.
-Nice plug-ins like claims, homesets, and warps.
-Staff actually listens to complaints even though it could take some time for fixes or responses.

-Claimblocks are a little over priced
-Shinies are way too common.
-No bosses, at least no bosses have spawned since the past 30 something hours I've played.
Posted 9th Jan 2020

-Amazing community
-No lag at all
-very clean map

-Can't complain
Posted 8th Jan 2020
IGN- Daggersdie
Discord- Daggersdie #6088
Date- January 7th, 2020

I enjoy this server Its fun to play on and the buckets are unique from other servers. Resources are easy to gather with the mines and makes it a lot easier to get into the game. I have enjoyed the people playing on the server they are quite nice and willing to trade unlike other pixelmon servers.

On this server, it is hard to get food and spawners don't work, but those are my only real complaint
Posted 7th Jan 2020
IGN: RazorKitana
Discord:RazorKitana #0880
Date: 12-26-2019

-Usually I mess around on one server for a bit and explore anpther, but this is the only server I treat as my home server due to the welcoming people, and the responsive admins.
-As said, great staff.
-Actually holds events quite regularly.
-Comprehensive warps / Organized warps
-When I first joined, I was nervous about new people, but everyone was very welcoming.

-My only real issue is the selling of rare/special pokemon, but thats more of a common Pixelmon server thing that I am just not a fan of. Not really the fault of LunarRising. Tis just how it goes.
Posted 27th Dec 2019
Date*:December 23, 2019

- The server has seasonal holiday events which you have to spend time and complete, which you get great rewards for.
- The server offers multiple crates, which has many prizes in them. You can get vote crate keys for free by voting.
- The server gives you a random free shiny pokemon every time when a specific amount of votes is reached.

- In the web store for the server, they offer rare pokemon such as shinies, shadow legends, etc for money. I feel like this is a con because people who can spend money on the internet can just buy the best pokemon you can possibly get. This is unfair for people who can not buy things on the internet.
- Starting out on the game can be very confusing for some people. For example, I was very confused when I started out as I did not know how to craft specific items or use some commands.
Posted 23rd Dec 2019
IGN: ReasonableHeir
Discord: Snappy#7869
Date: 12/8/19

- Helpful People
- Small server
- Friendly staff
- Very hospitable
- Shadow Pokemon!!

- It can be too quiet sometimes but other than that it's a really nice server
Posted 8th Dec 2019
Discord:Rage Da Woofie#0985

-Custom Texturepacks and custom mudpack too!
- Really big map and lots of cool builds!
- Free EV training! (which most servers don't really have)

Posted 7th Dec 2019
IGN: Flounder__
discord: flounder#3263
date: Dec 6 2019

-Custom events and custom textures
-Nice map and spawn area
-Good market and other minigames

Posted 7th Dec 2019
Discord*:秋の雪(Yuki Akino)(lolcatface4562)#0237

-Active Devoted Community
-Plenty Of Room To Build Due To Large World Border

-Sometimes one of the vote sites doesn't work
-world vanishes when in battles sometimes likely a bug related to Pixelmon
-Pixelmon bugs but that's Pixelmon mod
-I can't think of anything else to put here
Posted 30th Nov 2019
IGN: catfgrg
Discord: catfgrg#8126
-The staff I have met so far have been helpful, courteous, and all around friendly.
-It has got a nice large world border so it has lots of room to play with.
-The people I have met on the server have been friendly and seem to look out for one another.
-Just all around a great atmosphere to be a part of.
-None that i have come across so far and anything i have is just pixelmon being glitchy occasionally so nothing out of the ordinary XD.
Posted 27th Nov 2019
This server is a really fun place to play Pixelmon, I really like the fact that there are eggs with shinies, normal and shadow Pokemon with 3 Perfect IVs. one thing I would like is if the builders could have another server but instead, an adventure server. Other than that, this is my favourite Pixelmon server.
- Darkrift07
Posted 27th Nov 2019
Server is amazing and so many people are nice and helpful
Posted 27th Nov 2019
Discord*: TheRealCrazyBoi#0583

Date: November 15, 2019

Pros: Pixelmon server is the best by events, Pokestops, Eggs, and Peacful the server is

Cons: None really.. (Cant think of anything(Btw this a redo since i kinda messed the last one up))
Posted 16th Nov 2019

Less packed than most servers
Lots of pokemon to hunt
Lots of different stuff I can do
I love able to seeing sooo many different trees and have different builds
I love the shadow pokemon
I love the random event pokemon
Also I love randomly disappearing and reappearing to my friends so that's fun!
Posted 16th Nov 2019
IGN: _Fire__Drake_
Discord: _Fire__Drake_ #
Date November/9/2019

Great server, deserves more players
Hundred of special texture made by players
Friendly player base that helps each other out

My BO makes the server smell sorry!
Posted 9th Nov 2019

Pros:Ever wanted to see a Candycane texture Dragonite or a Pumpkin colored Turtwig? Well look no further this server has custom pixelmon skins for every holiday! And we can't forget about the shadow skins too ;3.

Any issue I've ever had on this server (lost pokes that happens rarely) have been fixed asap.

People on the server are friendly and helpful.

Cons: There are few players

I think the legendary spawn is a bit low

Can't see the full ivs of an egg

My over all review:
I love this pixelmon server! I play this server off and on due to issue work and other issues in my life. If I had more time I would be playing here.
Posted 29th Oct 2019
IGN: vTheory
Discord: Peeble#6456
Date*: October 18th, 2019

Great server, deserves more players
Hundred of special texture made by players
Friendly player base that helps each other out

Frost smells and won't buy us pizza on Fridays
Posted 19th Oct 2019
Could you copy and paste this in the link above
IGN: Sharkizard
Discord: AceTrainer#2745
Date*: 14/10/2019

- Shadow Pokemon
- Aura Pokemon
- Fun

- Not being able to throw Pokeballs outside of battle
Posted 17th Oct 2019
Reuploading because my first review didn't show up.
IGN*: Ekovian
Discord*: Ekovian #8538
Date*: Oct. 14, 2019

- Amazing music and it's also awesome that you guys brought back some of the old pixelmon music which brings some nostalgia.
- Resource Pack is very visually appealing. My favorite part of it being the starry night in pack v.40 which is really nice.
- The server brings a lot of awesome ideas that most servers don't usually offer such as the Shadow Pokemon.

- Kind of difficult to navigate throughout the map, especially on battleisland and some parts throughout spawn. (Adding some holograms would help a lot).
- Even though I mentioned that the resource pack looked amazing, I still think there could be more added, like the general blocks (even though the pack gets updated every now and then so I don't think it's that huge of an issue.)
- The block pickup mod is kind of glitchy where the items that are picked up from harvest don't stack if they are not in the correct item slot which kind of bothers me but I can get used. It would be great if this was altered though so they can stack when harvested.
Posted 15th Oct 2019
IGN: BastingAce87
Discord: BastingAce87
Date: 10/14/2019

- Friendly Staff and community that help you out with any questions.
- Shadow Pixelmon - which add more things to strive for and help create a unique experience.
- Custom spawn with many different things to do to fit any players style.

- There aren't any particular cons I can point out about this server as they do a great job at creating a experience that isn't just like every other Pixelmon server.
Posted 14th Oct 2019
pros: since the map reset the lag in the spawn has gotten a lot better .
cons : its gotten hard to find things around spawn.

but over all i still love this server
Posted 11th Oct 2019
Love it!!, best pixelmon server ever in my mind, love how they balanced the drop rate on special pokemon and the events they are holding where everyone joins and competes for the rewards. and i can´t forgetr all the nice people in the staff and players on the server.
Posted 5th Oct 2019