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LunarRising Pixelmon Reforged


About Us

Pixelmon is an in-depth Pokemon mod for Minecraft. On Lunar Rising's Pixelmon Server you will find hundreds of unique Pokemon to catch and add to your pokedex. We offer a new way to rankup on our server, through adding Pokemon to your Dex you unlock new ranks and rewards!
Battle your friends or take on our NPC Gyms and become the next E4 Champion hosted by our lovely Player Community. With active staff and a friendly community, we can guarantee an unique experience on Lunar Rising. Below you will find a list of the features we have to offer you as a player of our great community.

Discord -
Website -
Server IP -


General Settings

Legends & Shinies Enabled
Normal/Shiny/Custom Starters
Survival Server
Keep Inventory
No Hunger
Riding Enabled
Safari Zone
4x Spawn Rates
Free Ev Training Grounds
Golden Shovel Protection
Casino - Coming Soon
GTS (Global Trade Station)
Marriage System
Dex Ranks

Custom Plugins

Wild Aura/Shadow Pokemon - New Pokemon Rarity
Shadow Pokemon/ Event Pokemon Extended - Requires our texture pack
    Has a chance of spawning in the Wild
    Has a rarer chance of spawning in wild with an Aura Particle
    Limited Edition Pokemon can be purchased on Donation Store
Custom Pokestops
    Random Egg Chance
    Random Held Item Chance
    Random Pokeballs
    Economy Reward
Advanced Pokehunt
    25% Iv Boost for catching correct nature
    10% Iv Boost for any incorrect nature
    Way more rewards and tiers to do!
Advanced Poke Builder
Many Many Cosmetics
    Armour Sets
Poke Disguises
    Shiny Boosters have been added
IGN: _Fire__Drake_
Discord: _Fire__Drake_ #
Date November/9/2019

Great server, deserves more players
Hundred of special texture made by players
Friendly player base that helps each other out

My BO makes the server smell sorry!
Posted 9th Nov 2019

Pros:Ever wanted to see a Candycane texture Dragonite or a Pumpkin colored Turtwig? Well look no further this server has custom pixelmon skins for every holiday! And we can't forget about the shadow skins too ;3.

Any issue I've ever had on this server (lost pokes that happens rarely) have been fixed asap.

People on the server are friendly and helpful.

Cons: There are few players

I think the legendary spawn is a bit low

Can't see the full ivs of an egg

My over all review:
I love this pixelmon server! I play this server off and on due to issue work and other issues in my life. If I had more time I would be playing here.
Posted 29th Oct 2019
IGN: vTheory
Discord: Peeble#6456
Date*: October 18th, 2019

Great server, deserves more players
Hundred of special texture made by players
Friendly player base that helps each other out

Frost smells and won't buy us pizza on Fridays
Posted 19th Oct 2019
Could you copy and paste this in the link above
IGN: Sharkizard
Discord: AceTrainer#2745
Date*: 14/10/2019

- Shadow Pokemon
- Aura Pokemon
- Fun

- Not being able to throw Pokeballs outside of battle
Posted 17th Oct 2019
Reuploading because my first review didn't show up.
IGN*: Ekovian
Discord*: Ekovian #8538
Date*: Oct. 14, 2019

- Amazing music and it's also awesome that you guys brought back some of the old pixelmon music which brings some nostalgia.
- Resource Pack is very visually appealing. My favorite part of it being the starry night in pack v.40 which is really nice.
- The server brings a lot of awesome ideas that most servers don't usually offer such as the Shadow Pokemon.

- Kind of difficult to navigate throughout the map, especially on battleisland and some parts throughout spawn. (Adding some holograms would help a lot).
- Even though I mentioned that the resource pack looked amazing, I still think there could be more added, like the general blocks (even though the pack gets updated every now and then so I don't think it's that huge of an issue.)
- The block pickup mod is kind of glitchy where the items that are picked up from harvest don't stack if they are not in the correct item slot which kind of bothers me but I can get used. It would be great if this was altered though so they can stack when harvested.
Posted 15th Oct 2019
IGN: BastingAce87
Discord: BastingAce87
Date: 10/14/2019

- Friendly Staff and community that help you out with any questions.
- Shadow Pixelmon - which add more things to strive for and help create a unique experience.
- Custom spawn with many different things to do to fit any players style.

- There aren't any particular cons I can point out about this server as they do a great job at creating a experience that isn't just like every other Pixelmon server.
Posted 14th Oct 2019
pros: since the map reset the lag in the spawn has gotten a lot better .
cons : its gotten hard to find things around spawn.

but over all i still love this server
Posted 11th Oct 2019
Love it!!, best pixelmon server ever in my mind, love how they balanced the drop rate on special pokemon and the events they are holding where everyone joins and competes for the rewards. and i can´t forgetr all the nice people in the staff and players on the server.
Posted 5th Oct 2019
IGN: dracula5258
Discord: joshu#0147
Date: 10/3/2019
Pros: Great server, good changes with the server reset and handled very well. Amazing people and staff who listen to suggestions and issues.
Cons: Hard to make money outside of player vs player trading.
Posted 3rd Oct 2019
IGN*: mev200
Discord*: Mevistopheles
Date*: 09/29/2019

- Friendly / Lovely Community
- Fun Events
- Great team of staff!

- Only con I can think of at the moment is that every now and again the server feels a little empty, but that's it!
Posted 30th Sep 2019
IGN*: B34rGrub
Discord*: Iron 26 Fe 55.845#5569

-This server has a great community.
-The events that this server has is awesome.
-Legends actually spawn.

-Sometimes the server will restart
Posted 30th Sep 2019
IGN*: Fedelia
Discord*: FlameFox#0386
Date*: 29/09/19

- No matter how many times I have left because of personal issues they've always been happy too see me back.
- Staff are always friendly.
- There are events that you can participate in regardless of your time zone as they are ongoing for several days.
- Oh, and custom textures.

- Frost doesn't sleep enough and probably needs a holiday/Vacation. :3
Posted 29th Sep 2019
IGN: CheckYourDNA
Discord: OkayMisoSorry#9624
Date: 9/29/19

Pros: This server has a really good environment and staff, all the staff help out people that need help. Even people who aren't staff help. Thats what makes this server so fun. Even though not a lot people play on this server it is still very fun.

Cons: The only con that concerns me is some bugs, but that doesn't really affect me, it's only small bugs.
Posted 29th Sep 2019
IGN: AtomicSlime
Discord: AtomicSlime#7987
Date: 09/27/2019

Absolutely love this server. I don't typically go for the top donator rank on any server because I typically don't stay on any server that long. I've played a lot of pixelmon servers and this one has been my favorite. The community is very inviting and with a fresh map reset it gives me more to explore that already hasn't been.
Pros: Biomes'o'plenty, plenty of space for building and exploring.

Cons: I haven't run into too many other than lag, but its been addressed in most patches.
Posted 28th Sep 2019
IGN*: Sanukuni
Discord*: Sanukuni
Date*: 9/27/19

- Friendly Interactive Staff
- Unique Skins for many pokemon, that some can even be obtained freely.
- Has many little minigames within the game to give you that authentic pokemon feel.

- Cam be laggy when in new biomes with the resource pack
- Recently kinda empty so gts and wt are a little sparse
-Silent enough to feel like singleplayer at timesl
Posted 28th Sep 2019
IGN*: Le_Schwin
Discord*: Cinder#7340
Date*: 9/27/19

- Friendly and responsive staff. All adminstrative issues I have had were resolved reasonably.
- Highly performant server. The occasional lag spike barely interrupts gameplay.
- High-quality server utilities and spawn area. The market spaces and training center are incredibly useful.

- Some may view this as a pro, but the low population density makes for quiet gaming sessions
- The custom server resource pack is very large, will be hard to run on slower machines
Posted 27th Sep 2019
IGN*: Honning
Discord*: honning#7760
Date*: 27/09/2019

- Honestly, I could go on for days about how fantastic this server is. Although, this is just a one in a million review so I'll limit myself to three of the most notable subjective pros.
- In my 400~ hours (give or take) on this server, I can say with confidence that you will not find a more sociable server out there. At this point in time, it isn't as populated as it used to be so for some people there may not always be people to play with, but during the more active hours, you'll find that all players - staff and players alike - are unbelievably welcoming, generous and friendly. I do recognise the level of genericness this is, I often leave it out of my server reviews for this reason. However, I'd argue that the community here is a prime example that sometimes complimentary friendliness isn't just for show.
- The audacity of the founders and staff of this server, and I'm using the positive definition. They spend an unthinkable amount of time working on the server fixing bugs, adding new content, hosting events, all the while constantly monitoring the community for suggestions and feedback. I have never met a more hardworking team in my life as far as virtual block worlds go. They genuinely don't receive enough praise for what they do. For this reason, it is the one and only Minecraft server I have ever donated to. I used to consider Minecraft to be nothing more than a way to burn time, I wouldn't ever think of putting real money into it. I've been a part of several servers myself, in fact, I was a staff member for Mineplex in early 2016. They don't hold a candle to LunarRising. No other server deserves the support in my books.
- Features such as the Pokébuilder and Collector. The Pokébuilder allows you to trade in a special type of currency for tokens which you use to edit otherwise uneditable aspects of your Pokémon. This includes but is not limited to IVs, its nature, size, aura, type of Poké Ball and even colored nicknames. I can't think of a single server that offers this. As someone who likes training competitive Pokémon, but hates breeding, it's a lifesaver. The Collector lets you trade in rare Pokémon or items for special currency which lets you buy things like Pokébuilder tokens, rare items, TMs, and so much more which you would otherwise have to sit and grind bosses for. It addresses all the negative parts of Pixelmon (subjectively) and gives you an optional solution.
- Bonus pro. They have their own texture pack which is constantly being updated with event textures. Varying from special events like Constellation and Pride Pokémon to holiday-themed events like Halloween and Easter Pokémon. They also have Shadow Pokémon which have their own special textures. They're all made by a team of designers, some of the staff included.

As I said, I can go on for days. I have so much more to say, but I'm afraid I'll break the website at that point.

- I hate to be that guy, but there aren't any. I guess the fact itself that there are no cons may as well be one. I can only think of things that are unique to me, such as my poor connection to the server. It's a shame, but can't really be a con since that's just my case.
- I guess the lack of players recently could be considered a con. I wish there were more people to meet and hang out with. Soon I will make a YouTube video showcasing the server itself. Hopefully, that will address my issue.
- The fact that you aren't on right now. GO!
Posted 27th Sep 2019
IGN*: Noahgniadek
I just came back from a long leave so I havent been on in a while

-Still, the community is ever growing and ever so helpful. Its good to see you guys are still the same people I know and love
- Great team of people who love to help.
-Very active as in events and other discussions/discord.

- Sometimes a big laggy with the amount of pixelmon spawning, especially in water.
-Not really a con but its kinda dead when I can get on lol
Posted 27th Sep 2019
IGN: Guccipods
Discord: guccipods#4582
Date: 9/5/19

-Brand new map that is new and improved in many aspects including the fix of many broken features that were plaguing the server before.
-Some staff members are super helpful and friendly!
-Lots of texture variety and friendly community
-Battle Tower is competitive
-Builds look very good in the new map
-Can’t tell if the server specifically made it this way but legend rates are much lower than other servers. Generally it’s 6+ hours between legend spawns, I understand it’s supposed to be rare but 6+ hours between 15 people makes legendaries hard to obtain. There are alternate ways to obtain legendaries tho so it kinda helps the situation but doesn't fix it. The main goal of the server is collecting all pokes including the legendaries.
-Couple things are still broken on the server but generally seems to be Pixelmon causing a mess every update
-Several features claim to be available on the discord announcement but are nowhere to be seen on the new server. (Mob Arena, Nether, Ultra Space, etc.). I understand things take a while to implement but it probably shouldn't be advertised if it isn't ready.
Posted 6th Sep 2019
Discord:Darksnipe #9321

-Textured Pixelmon

-Claimblocks for Players with high playtime have no value (like on the old map)
-closed nether
-closed Safarizone
Posted 5th Sep 2019
IGN*: NeighborlyRat
Discord*: im a rat#2593
Date*: 9/4/19

- Incredibly friendly members and chill atmosphere! Other members and mods are friendly and welcoming.
- The custom textures are a SUPER cool feature and one of the most creative additions ive seen from a pixelmon server
- any issues that arise seem to be resolved fairly quickly

- any cons i can think of are just due to the server being in the middle of an update, and have been addressed as planned for the future, and other than that I got nothing.
Posted 4th Sep 2019
IGN: Haopeng
Discord: Haopeng#9252
Date: 9/2/2019

-New map
-Unique features

-Frost is a sadistic psycho
Posted 3rd Sep 2019
IGN*: LadyHyrsam
Discord*: ladyslaanesh#6456
Date*: 9/1/2019

- Server map reset so now we have biomes o plenty and a fresh map to build on
- Spawn is huuuuuuuuuuuuge and there's no lag from it anymore
- Custom textures, friendly staff, consistent events, vote party's, and so many other reasons to join and stick around

- Server reset means we lost all of our items (they had a 2x multiplier on the collector though so we could rebuy our items)
- Server isn't as busy as it used to be, but that's more because of the server getting rotated off of the pixelmon mod server list
Posted 1st Sep 2019
IGN*: Tahu_junsei
Discord*: Kasperis#0020
Date*: 8/22/19

- Joined a about a month ago and everyone of the admins and helpers really are actually great, they listen to you and help you when you need it which some servers don't have that kind of help.
- Textured pokemon, The textured pokemon are the best! The textured pokemon really make Playing and events on the server worth it and fun.
- The people are the server are some of the best people on a pixelmon server i have ever seen, they talk with you without having something to get or gain, they welcome you to the server making it feel more like a kool place to just hangout and have fun playing pixelmon.

- The collector on the server sells items and some are really rare or hard to get but not enough of the other rare items like the items to fuse necrozma and change shaymin's form, this is subject to change however which is good so it's not fully a con.
- The casino doesn't feel worth it at all, I've spend lost of time and money in game on the casino and barely get a shiny out of like 50 casino tokens, not that it should be easy to get shiny's, ub's or legends but i feel that the regular pokemon are far to easy to get at the casino. The casino is on of the only regular place to even get Ub's in this server and they are super rare never seen one opened since i joined the server. Again this is a con subject to change which i hope will be one day i have full faith in this server.
Posted 22nd Aug 2019
Date*:21/08/2019 7:33

- No lag
- Custom textures
- Events are amazingly fun
- easy to run
- great community
- respectable staff

- Boost texture spawn rate?
Posted 21st Aug 2019