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Safari Mesa

Safari Mesa

A Mesa in the server safari
Lion King's Rock

Lion King's Rock

A rock formation in the server safari

Hey guys! We are proud to present you our competitive/creative Pixelmon server which gives YOU all the tools you need to finally be the gym leader!

Have you ever wanted to build your very own gym architect, leader, and challenger? Well here you can be!

Players get their own worlds in which they can build their dream gym in creative.

We are running a dedicated server on powerful hardware using modified forgesponge versions to allow for async world handling! Incase you don't know what that means, don't worry. It means the server is fast, like really fast. We want full disclosure. We provide our host and hardware to back up these claims.

We also make our own plugins if we ever need features not yet realised by others, or tailored to perfectly suit the server!

If you have any questions, ask on our website or join our discord server!

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