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Pokedoom Pixelmon Generations 2.3.1


Welcome to Pokedoom Pixelmon, we have Grief prevention for claiming!
We have a shop in which you can spend ingame currency to buy/sell items! The server also has a Safari World, you can catch rarer Pokemon there, and you can train your weaker Pokemon.

Custom Starters are: Eevee, Cubone, Pikachu, Wooper, Natu, Mareep, Poochyena, Corphish, Electrike, Buizel, Combee, Shinx, Axew, Litwick, Frillish, Honedge, Swirlix, Litleo.

We use Pixelmon Generation 2.3.1 get it here!

Everyone will get a shiny kit monthly, it will give you a free random shiny Pokemon!
Also, sign up for our site!

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