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Legends of Kandorus


The Kandorus team has updated the server to include:
-A remodeled map that is cleaner and nicer than the old one
-Custom Professions
-Custom Questing System

The members of the Kandorus team seek to bring players the best Pixelmon experience to date. We believe that Pixelmon should be just as adventurous as the games and that is what we have created! Come and be one of the first explore the newly discovered region of Kandorus!

Kandorus come equipped with several unique features such as:
-A Custom Map
-A Linear Leveling Experience
-Customized Spawn Regions
-Custom Gym System
-Custom Legendary System
-Interactive NPCS
-Weekly Events

Recently Added:
-Brand new zone for leveling!
-New Kandorus Trading System!
-Pixelmon Tweaks!
-Right Click to battle wild Pixelmon!
-Repeat balls now function properly!

-And there's much more to come!

Kicked by whitelist, so cant even join the server
Posted 9th Dec 2017
I love the adventure theme and that that there is somthing at the start like a cutsceen

Love MaxyPlayZ_YT
Posted 21st Nov 2016