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Sunfall Oasis

Sunfall Oasis


Sunfall Oasis is a new community that seeks to be a fun and safe Pixelmon experience for everyone. This means keeping our game as fair as possible, and not being pay to win. Please feel free to check us out while we grow!


IP Address:

Version: Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.4 (


  • Competitive gym line with custom typings. Fight through both tiers then take on the Elite Four!

  • Keep inventory is on! Take no fall damage and have no worries about hunger!

  • Use Grief Prevention to protect your belongings!

  • Seven in game ranks you can buy earning in game money! Save up and buy ranks to unlock commands such as pokeheal, pc, eggsteps, pokesell, and more! Earn up to twenty home sets!

  • Train your Pokemon in our training grounds or ev roooms!

  • Seasonal keys, particle keys, and more! All earned through in-game means! No more having to spend real life money just to gamble in hopes of something good!

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