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Pixelmon Gold

Pixelmon Gold


[b]GOLD PIXELMON [8.0.2][/b]

[center]- Custom Map - Player Gyms - Battle Frontier - Weekly Events -[/center]

What we offer:
The Narrow Band Pixelmon server offers a large map to explore, multiple challenges, gyms, easter eggs, and a ton of fun tournaments and events hosted weekly! Grind your way to become the servers master trainer, challenge the Elite 4, and beat the reigning Champion!
The map is custom-built, and spans over 1.5k blocks in length and width, and is being expanded every day by our own build team. Journey through massive cities, nuclear fallout, fairy forests, and sketchy back alleys to become the ultimate pokemon trainer and challenge the pokemon league!

[b]Gyms and Events:[/b]
We also currently have two gym leader positions open to the players! Player gym leaders serve as challenges to server players and other gym leaders on their road to challenging the pokemon league.

  • Tournaments Every Week
  • Trivia nights
  • City Raids
  • Building Competitions

[b]Teams and Towns:[/b]
Players can create their own, official, pokemon teams! Players can choose between any generation of pokemon's evil teams, or join the police force, choose wisely because your team can help you out in events, create custom shops, and participate in raids!
Players can also found their own towns, where multiple players live together, as your town levels up you gain access to shops, arenas, and other resources.

Participate in massive raids across entire cities! Players participating in a raid can get together with their team to find and take down as many npc trainers as they can, all without the option to heal or leave. You also are competing against other teams, so the number of npcs is limited, the team with the most points wins in the end (This is also as a rivalry between teams).

[b]Dungeons & The Battle Tower:[/b]
Go through Mystery Dungeons to get rare loot, battle fierce trainers, and end up at the ultimate prize, the Arceus Chalice! These dungeons change frequently and are planned to have expansion floors for players to explore!
Or go to the Battle Tower to fight ex-gym leaders, champions from the pokemon games, old players, and player-submitted teams to earn BP and take your team to new heights! Players can also submit teams for review to be put in the battle tower! Many of the teams are made by high level players (and executed by low-level bots) to give the best learning experience around!

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