This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PokeMiner | Pixelmon 3.5.1


Please note: The server runs Pixelmon version 3.5.1. If you run the wrong version, you will not be able to connect!

PokeMiner Description

Server is good in general, only one thing is really the worst...The mods are very young and will abuse their power. They will ban you over anything or give lengthy warnings specially in the Omega server. Try to avoid this server because the mods and admins are toxic. You only go up in rank when you donate. If you're into putting down others then this server is for you. Other than that, the server is quite great. They once permanently banned a player just for logging in because their name had a bad word in it (F word), which pokeminer allows, but didn't because a young mod thought it was a slur. The player sent an appeal and then got the banned removed completely after a few hours because it was unjustified. I think as long as pixelmon highers the mod requirements there should be no problems.
Posted 8th Jul 2017
I like the rules and Mods and Helpers on the Sapphire Server, they make a nicer community experience. The server has nice shops and some gyms and daily loot kits.
I wish there was an option so a player could pay extra to permanently claim an area, so it couldn't be looted whenever a player has not logged in for a month. Sometimes 'real life' intervenes and one can't keep up with one's gaming for a bit. It's frustrating to log back in and find other players have broken and looted all one's stuff.
Posted 18th Oct 2016
I like about how they set up a shop, trading system, healing station, and some gym. I dislike how the legendary spawn rate in this server was so rare.
Posted 4th Oct 2016
It's a fun place with great rules, and great mods and staff. Come have fun! I'm DarkCraig9001, come say hi!
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Amazing server, amazing staff and people, overall fun experience for pixelmon players
Posted 31st Aug 2016
Well ... i've played on this server ... it was so nice... But today i got muted for caps . I swear i didn't mean to use caps. it was an accident when talking with a friend. Whatever, i got muted . When helping my friend to build his house i tried to explain him without using the signs how to build it. It didnt worked . I put 3 signs to explain him im muted and he must do like that. I got banned. Im srry but this isnt a reason to ban . Especially a permanent ban! If it was a temporar ban i would've understand but this isnt a reason for permenent ban! Im srry , i loved this server too much and now im crying just because of how much hard worked i did there. Also i had some friends depending on me. Hope You enjoy this server , i really liked it , but .. the banning program isnt good at all. If you decide my review is wrong then delete it. But rememmber that: You guys did a girl cry. Not me , i talked from my perspective but isnt right. It was my little sister. Srry For my Bad English. -sister of SweetKinni
Posted 30th Aug 2016
This is the best pixelmon server i've played on by far. The staff are mature and fair, players of all ages get along, and the economy is balanced. If you'd like a place to play long-term, this is it. The server is free play so there's an infinite amount of things you can do. Hope to see you guys there :)
Posted 4th Aug 2016
fun server not too much lag
Posted 31st Jul 2016
This server is great. Amazing staff and welcoming community. The spawn looks beautiful and the gyms actually feel like the gyms you would find in an real Pokemon game. I could not recommend this server enough is you are looking for a great Pixelmon experience.
Posted 22nd Jul 2016