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MineTales Pixelmon


Minetales is a server that aims to be non pay to win, we do this by adding non cosmetic donor perks to voting and making sure we give access to 5 set homes and enderchest!

i love this server! its non pay to win and has an amazing community! everyone is so nice and friendly!

the gyms are very fun to battle and have their own unique styles throughout them! i suggest giving them a try!

pls give this server a try! even if you dont feel like it!
Posted 4th Oct 2018
this is a great server and it have a great and friendly community

Good Gyms

Owner is bad
is Troling Player and Staff Members
server craching and Restarting
The server replied:
Regarding your review thank you for your positive feedback! It is appreciated.

Regarding your negative feedback.
There are 3 owners of the Minetales network as it stands. Each owner doing their seperate work. If you could make a forum post on our site regarding what it is specifically we can look into this issue and fix it.

Trolling happens all in good fun from Staff members to staff members. We do not harm our players in the process. If we do harm/troll players we always make up for said issue by fixing any damage and giving them beta keys (our event/most valued key) our community stands for all in good fun moments and it dissapoints me you experienced your server time like this.

Regarding server restarts. These always happen scheduled and are announced 5 minutes beforehand. We do this to reduce stress on our server.

The crashes are always looked into Killer. And i believe you know we always do :P

Thank you for your feedback
Posted 3rd Oct 2018
This is a great server and it have a great and friendly community
The server replied:
Thank you for your positive feedback!
Posted 13th Sep 2018