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HappyCloud Pixelmon Server

HappyCloud Pixelmon Server


Not only do we have weekly drop parties hosted by our staff, but we also have tournaments that occur every week as well!
We also have a Move Tutor area complete with every possible move tutor move!
We have customized the Pixelmon economy so that money can be made in a variety of different ways, which makes it so that anyone can earn money: the boss farmer, the route completer, or the miner!
We tweaked the spawn rate of Pokemon so that there are a plentiful amount, but the server still doesn't lag!
We have Drop Parties every Friday and Tournaments every Saturday!
Every Monday we have Shiny Monday, where we have 4x the default Shiny Rates.
We have a custom-developed plugin that was built by our own developers! Some of the many features include Voltorb Flip and Shulker Boxes! :D

Things Being Worked On:
Our Route may only have 5 gyms completed, but each one is handcrafted by our excellent builders!
We are currently developing a system and ranks that would allow players to have their own, personal gym!
We are always working to make our Voting system better, and would love for players to make suggestions on items that we could have! :)

Best Pixelmon Server bby, they've even updated to Pixelmon genereations
Posted 30th Nov 2017
I like this a lot it is a very good server man
Posted 23rd Jul 2017
Great Server! Definitely the most friendly staff and my favorite pixelmon server, but the owner is a pleb. ;)
Posted 3rd Jul 2017
Eh. It's alright. The people are nice but they have a lot of things changed that take away from the general feel. No rain, no trainers, etc. Some of the people are major rude-dudes as well and you know what they say, one bad apple ruins the bunch. And man... They are BAD apples.
Posted 30th Jun 2017
Staff & owners are very friendly, and helpful if you have any questions! The community is friendly to everyone that comes online.
Posted 16th Apr 2017
A wonderful place to call your pixelmon home. Great spawn rates, events, rewards and staff.
Posted 13th Apr 2017
Amazing server with fun, weekly events such as drop parties and random tourneys. Very friendly staff and playerbase; expect a big welcome when you first join and every subsequent login afterwards :)
Posted 8th Apr 2017
The best Pixelmon server I've been on to date. The staff is fantastic, and the server itself if very unique with it's events and training routes. 10/10 would recommend!
Posted 5th Apr 2017
This server offers a very unique experience in the Pixelmon community. The routes are very well built, and detail oriented. Staff are always active, decent, and ready to help upon request. Overall 10/10.
Posted 31st Mar 2017
The server is nice in general, when I first joined I got a huge welcome from the people in the server. The admins are really nice. My first legendary was a Lugia but it was an uncommon boss. I was really disappointed but then the owner spawned a regular one for me. The owner was even nice enough to trap a Latias for me so it wouldn't fly away. Not to mention he caught a Latios that spawned near me while I was asleep. The staff are really active on the server so if there's an issue they will come help you. I enjoy my experience here, I recommend trying this server. :D
Posted 12th Mar 2017
This server is very good with the spawn rates and economy and love the people on the server, as well as how the staff is very active on the server :D
Posted 3rd Mar 2017
a fresh pixelmon server with great staff and plenty of things to do! With weekly tournaments for competitive players to double the shiny spawn rate every Monday for collectors!
Posted 2nd Mar 2017
Love the server! I love the people and I love the staff! Everyone is so welcoming and kind! They have a mature channel and a family-friendly channel! I enjoy the weekly events and the mini games! My favourite event is shiny Monday! I found 4 shinies that day and was sooooo happy. I enjoy coming on everyday!
Posted 18th Feb 2017
A server I've been with since it's creation (Or at least close to it).

One of the most stable servers I've ever been on for Pixelmon and both the staff (including the one writing this) and the trainers are a blast to be around.

The builds are absolutely gorgeous and legendaries spawn at a decent rate. It's fairly easy to get started on the server as well!

10/10, wonderful server!
Posted 8th Feb 2017
Wonderful staff, weekly events, and an all around welcoming server. People will always welcome you when you get on and are happy to help with stuff or take suggestions. Its also small at the moment so if you like small servers this would be a great server

10/10 Would Choose Happy Cloud Again
Posted 5th Feb 2017
A welcoming server, happy to gain more players,
Weekly events, and friendly staff.

Happy cloud = Happy me.
Posted 5th Feb 2017
If you're looking for a great Pixelmon server with a friendly community and helpful staff, you should probably look elsewhere. (Just kidding pls dun ban me D: :-:) The server is great for both new and experienced players with the Pixelmon mod and/or Pokémon. There are always plenty of Pokémon spawning so you'll never have the issue of being unable to find any, even with the frequent spawns there is no lag issues with the server besides maybe a little for a few seconds while it is backing up the server to save everyone's progress every hour. The server allows you to go out and build with an anti-grief claiming feature to keep your stuff protected or follow a well built and designed route and face various player controlled gym.
Posted 2nd Feb 2017
If you're looking a fun time on pixelmon, just hop on this server! It has a very helpful staff and the community is just amazing. There are some amazing builds and you can Sign up to be part of Gym leaders, Builders or even Staff! :)
Posted 28th Jan 2017