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HappyCloud Pixelmon Server


Newly Restarted Server, everyone is starting fresh!
Drop Parties every Saturday!
Tournaments every Sunday!
Metronome Togepi Tournaments every Wednesday; pure luck decides the winner!
No lag on our state-of-the-art server!
Both player-run and NPC gyms!
Beautiful route to explore and conquer!
Friendly and helpful staff!
Great community!

great community and lots of fun
Posted 22nd Mar 2024
idk tbh i just started playing this server
Posted 24th Jun 2023
Just The Best. has the best map layout
Posted 4th Feb 2023
good server 111111111111111
Posted 2nd Nov 2022
great server and helpful staff, haven't had an issue once with anyone. Mods generally keep an eye out for people who break rules and address them accordingly. Everyone I've met is really nice and seemingly aren't afraid to give a helping hand to other members.
Posted 26th Nov 2021
Only been on this server for just less than a month but I can't stop playing. This isn't your average server; there is so much to do! The community is friendly, mods are helpful, and there is so much to explore and discover.
Posted 15th Aug 2021
Mods can be a bit toxic but people are so nice. great system like creates and they have daily activates Like tournaments, Drop party and they will have boosted days for shiny Pokémon and bosses!
Posted 22nd Jul 2021
It's a pogchamp server, I am being held against my will to say this :D
Posted 14th Jan 2021
Cool server with nice staff and amazing builds. The community is nice and very helpful.
Posted 13th Jan 2021
Server is really nice and alot of people are friendly and easy going for the most part. Any trollers/rude people are usually handled relatively fast and they are adding new things pretty often.
Posted 13th Jan 2021
The owner of this server is... 'far' from professional. They tend to start trouble and then infinitely keep going until they can get the last word in, the server has 40 players on a good day but there aren't many events or anything to keep it going. The one thing I can say in it's favor is that it is NOT pay to win, but that's not saying much when the owner is not too personable.

Here are screenshots from an interaction I witness someone having with them that I assume stemmed from a misunderstanding (I'm ShallowClouds.)... Why everyone thinks they can magically read tone in texts perfectly is beyond me.

This was enough to put me off from playing there any further, enter at your own caution.
Posted 25th Nov 2020
It's a great server. The staff and players are welcoming and willing to help others, everybody is friendly, and it's fair.
Posted 22nd Mar 2020
it is a very good server and I enjoy playing on it
Posted 3rd Dec 2019
Great server, they are still adding more content unlike other servers so there is lots for you to do. Staff are friendly and community is very welcoming.
Posted 21st May 2019
spawn is confusing but they have voltorb flip! How'd u guys even manage that!
Posted 4th Apr 2019
Amazing server! The community is great, and they're still creating content which makes the server just that more professional and sexy.
Posted 2nd Mar 2019
Worst server ever, the staff are complete asses and mute for no reasons, if you disagree with any of the staff they all threaten to mute or ban you. Worst experience ive had, got on asked a favor then was called ignorant a cuck and a whiny entitled kid, this sever is ass and the people who run it are power hungry and won't listen to anything just call u annoying and mute u 0.01/10
Posted 6th Sep 2018
Nothing bad happend to me on this server and the people are nice!
Posted 8th Aug 2018
bueno me pareció bueno , me gusta mucho va muy fluido , pero lo que yo quisiera que si se pudiera tener mas espacio para hacer mas grande tu casa . gracias por todo :D
Posted 2nd Mar 2018
Best Pixelmon Server bby, they've even updated to Pixelmon genereations
Posted 30th Nov 2017
I like this a lot it is a very good server man
Posted 23rd Jul 2017
Great Server! Definitely the most friendly staff and my favorite pixelmon server, but the owner is a pleb. ;)
Posted 3rd Jul 2017
Eh. It's alright. The people are nice but they have a lot of things changed that take away from the general feel. No rain, no trainers, etc. Some of the people are major rude-dudes as well and you know what they say, one bad apple ruins the bunch. And man... They are BAD apples.
Posted 30th Jun 2017
Staff & owners are very friendly, and helpful if you have any questions! The community is friendly to everyone that comes online.
Posted 16th Apr 2017
A wonderful place to call your pixelmon home. Great spawn rates, events, rewards and staff.
Posted 13th Apr 2017