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Welcome to Pipelmon, We hope you have fun on our
Pixelmon server. We have a spawn and free roaming.
You can create your own houses or live with friends.
Challenge gyms and gain badges to display.
Become the Champion and fight challengers.

Well when I joined I thought it was good until I find out that one of my friends got staff which was good until they get demoted. They got demoted for no reason and some o the staff ganged up on him.
Posted 14th Aug 2016
its all scripted yes when u win something the price goes to the runner up its like they payd money to get the win it is when u just leave and then everyone goes against u and says it was for the runner up while they know the 1st place wins and ye it had to happen when i played fifa before it and was on tilt just all scripted scripted scripted
Posted 10th Aug 2016