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Pixelmon Origins

Pixelmon Origins


Welcome to Pixelmon Origins! We pride ourselves on competitive battling for both new and experienced players. We have both NPC and Player gyms to help train or challenge players depending on their skill level. While we know how important Gyms/E4s/Tournaments, we also know that players need more to do than just battle for the sake of battling. Which is why we have multiple scheduled events every day to keep things interesting, ranging from a quick 1 pokemon vs 1 pokemon tournament, to King of the hill and musical chairs, and even build competitions.

When it comes to battling, we understand not everyone is on the same level, so we thought of every possible way to help the people that are interested in learning a bit more have an easy path to doing that. A great example of something we would recommend to a new player are our NPC gyms (Which include their own master gym and E4). We've seen people try to make NPC gyms "educational" for the new players, but it always ends up getting boring after about 2 gyms. To prevent this, we have set up a very rewarding and enjoyable path with prizes like keys/shiny pokemon/and legendaries so it would feel more like you were working towards something rather than just grinding for no reason against NPCs. With NPC gyms having great rewards like that, I can only imagine what the player gyms have in store...

I would also like to add that we don't strive to be a pay to win server, but we do have to pay for the server, plugins, and potential streamers/youtubers to keep our server as lively and enjoyably as possible. To combat the pay to win issue, we will also be including ways to earn the same commands that come with the donation ranks. We thought it would be a good idea to use the underutilized pokedex completion achievements as a way to reward players basically just for playing because that helps us just as much as donating does. Also, we will be adding commands to the daily event rewards from time to time, where no matter how much money you have put into the server, you have the same odds as someone who may not be able to donate, which will allow for an even playing field when competing for those rewards.


Bring the server back! :(
The server replied:
It is now back up and fully functional :D When you join back make sure to join our Discord for the apology kit and for the future if something like this were to ever happen again
Posted 19th Aug 2020