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Pixelmon Untold

Untold City Spawn

Untold City Spawn

Enjoy our rich history and beautiful landmarks!
Untold City Pokecenter

Untold City Pokecenter

A unique building that's home to our Pokecenter.


Beautiful scenery.

Pixelmon Untold is a thriving community that offers a variety of adventure for you and your friends! Enjoy our extreme spawn rates, Tournaments, Gyms, Official Server Events, Giveaways, and more!
There is always something to do or an interesting new easter egg to discover. Spend your time enjoying the company of fellow pixelmon lovers and an experienced staff team.

Server Events are held regularly. Black Markets are updated monthly.

This server is always running the latest version of Pixelmon Reforged.

Check out Pixelmon Untold's Official technic!

Really good server. Active and friendly staff.
The server replied:
Thank you!
Posted 12th Dec 2019