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Server Spawn

Server Spawn

Spawn By: himako97
Server Spawn

Server Spawn

Spawn By: himako97
Server PokeCenter in Spawn

Server PokeCenter in Spawn

Spawn By: himako97


Only requiring, the latest Pixelmon 1.16.5, and BYG for 1.16, both obtainable in our Discord.

Using as much custom content as we can, with our own dedicated developer bringing the content. We bring BP Reforged.

The Pixelmon Mod, has been a beloved mod by many over the years, bring many aspects of the renowned Pokemon to Minecraft

Catch any Pokemon, Battle with you friends, trade with your friends. Adventure across a map, filled with Biomes from Vanilla Minecraft and Oh the Biomes You'll Go, all populated with Pokemon Spawns to suit the experience.

Alongside the usual Pixelmon aspects our server also brings:

  • Over 30 Custom Textured Pokemon, to add more flair to the game.

  • 2 Custom Pokemon, never seen in the mainline games

  • A Daily Bingo Card, for catching Pokemon

  • Rotating Pokemon Hunts

  • Daily Trainers to battle for Rewards

  • Weekly Giveaways

  • A Crate System

  • A Game Replicant Wondertrade.

The founders combined have a combined over 10 years Minecraft and Pixelmon experience, and are always more than to happy to help, even with a nifty Minecraft Chat to Discord relay to make sure we can always be answering your questions, and helping anyway we can!

Awesome server! Join if you enjoy playing vanilla pixelmon without any P2W.

Posted 29th Sep 2022