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So Bulbacraft is back and this time its somehow worse.

I played this server for a month and had a few minor incidents with the staff. Nothing major.

Well that was until today. Basically what happened was that a few people (Including myself) were a little dissapointed with a drop party event and we vocalised our dissapointment to let the staff know.

I had high hopes for this server despite it being new, even bought a rank from them to help out and do my part.

Well they quickly turned on me. Since apparently they have something against me (perhaps they're ableist?)

Well since they didn't like that I have a mind of my own they decided to mute me. So I explained the situation to a friend using signs and lone behold the bitch "Haley Jayne" decided to tp over uninvited and invade my privacy.
Now haley Jayne loves to play the victim, has the rest of the staff wrapped around her finger. Don't get me wrong a lot of the staff are pretty nice. Especially hypers, Jean and Izzy.

Anyway. This review is getting long so I'll wrap this up.

So I didn't break any rules and I got muted.
I was upset about being muted and I turned to signage to explain the situation (No foul language)
And then I got permabanned because apparently I have a negative attitude. "(bear in mind that I had filled my team of 10 people within 5 minutes because people wanted to join me that much)

I spent 31 days on that server and voted pretty much every day and they still say I'm the bad guy?

Also they won't refund that rank so they've stolen $10 from me. Which I will be having back by any means necessary. And that includes through the legal system because that's theft.

And to any other servers who read this. I'm trying to be a good player here. Don't let them tell you different because I know that Generations staff talk. And I know for a fact who's side you're gonna be on and I urge you to reconsider.
Posted 1st Jun 2019