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VengeanceMC Pixelmon

VengeanceMC Pixelmon - 9.0.8


Welcome to VengeanceMC Pixlemon Server.
Join our website at
This server is running on Pixelmon Reforge 9.0.8 on Minecraft 1.12.2. Check out this link below for downloading Pixelmon Reforged:
On Technic Launcher: Search up Pixelmon Reforged, install and play! Otherwise, go to and download both the mod + latest version of forge!
About us: We are a server dedicated to allowing our players to have the best opportunity they can receive. VengeanceMC is a Gameshark and Pokeradar friendly server because we believe that if you spawn a Pokemon, you have the right to find it. No more searching through jungle leaves, or diving to the bottom of oceans to catch that one legendary or shiny. There will be staff hosted events and are many plugins to enhance the gaming of our users.


best server, best staff and good pokemans
Posted 31st Dec 2018
Vengeance is by far one of the greatest servers I have ever been a part of, from the staff to the community I've made a lot of meaningful connections with people and become involved in the fantastic community, from gyms to free world It has a little bit of everything for everybody. If you're looking for a new server I implore you to join us, and get to know the community.
Posted 23rd Oct 2018
Extremely abusive mods/owners. instead of fixing the issue they perma banned me off the server and their website. one of their main issues was i was an issue in chat? yet i would never say anything to anyone besides me asking if people had stone i could buy or an arc chalice to use. but nah THATS abusive somehow. instead of dealing with the issue, they make up excuses and ban you with no solid proof. i dont recommend.
The server replied:
Oh boi.... "so let me get this straight.. people came to you all day when all i say for chat is does anyone have draco plate and anyone have an arc chalice. OR when i was asking people to come to my house to see if i should add anything? OR when i say the gym is too hard and oh guess what others think so too. thats them complaining about me? are you actually a retard? well ill leave bad reviews on all your fucking server sites now. kill yourself.". This was you by the way. Abusive? Have you seen what you wrote? We permanently banned you because you decided to go rogue in pms, and on the forums too. This could've been easily settled if you decided to properly control yourself, but here we are right?
Posted 15th Oct 2018
Pretty good, as I joined, nice community greeted me. When I needed help, staff answered. Overall, great server, and it deserves more people. Shiny starters are a bonus too.

Posted 6th May 2018