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Madhouse Miners Pixelmon

Madhouse Miners Pixelmon!


This is a whitelisted server please join our website to apply!

Running Pixelmon version 5.0.0 beta 10

Ran by Crouch and Aurora, Madhouse Miners was started up in 2016 with the vision of a friendly Minecraft server network based around modded servers!

We are a small community run server, whitelisted, with dedicated staff, dedicated hardware and a good friendly bunch of players!

We also have a number of other servers including RR3, All The Mods, Unabridged, Infinity Evolved and Infinity Expert Mode!

Our Pixelmon server is the place to be for a relaxed, friendly, non -PvP (battling enabled) server! Running the latest in SpongeForge technology on a HUGE server based in Germany to ensure YOU get A lag free experience!

We're always working on improvements however some features include:

Player Gyms!
Wonder Trade!
Poke Auction!
Anti Grief!

Make Sure to Join our Discord and Curse chat!! - Discord or Curse-

To get whitelisted please apply on our website, link in the bottom right

I would love to be added to the white list, i get on almost every day. MC name- Pyrotecnicc
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Could you drop my name on the whitelist? Darkfire1011
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
This server is by far the best I've been on, The staff all work incredibly hard. They put in tremendous effort to ensure that all players have the very best time they can.
The community is very friendly and welcoming.
The worlds are well protected and have good quality grief prevention's. This is the place to be if you take things seriously and are after a fun time.
Posted 28th Sep 2016
tried to register on ur site not working, could you whitelist me? danielhedel <-- mc name
Posted 21st Sep 2016