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PokeMC | Pixelmon Reforged



Pallet Town

Pallet Town

Where your Custom Kanto Quest begins...
Astrellus Mall

Astrellus Mall

Let's go shopping!


Part of our Custom Region

Pixelmon Reforged
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5

Welcome to PokeMC!

We are a Survival Multiplayer Pixelmon server, currently running the latest Pixelmon Reforged version on Minecraft 1.16.5

Come and join us at PokeMC and become part of the strongest and most welcoming community you have ever experienced! Our incredibly hardworking and talented staff constantly aim to deliver the best Pixelmon Minecraft experience possible. With multiple custom plugins, custom maps, and other unique features, our main goal is to create a welcoming and immersive world for our players to enjoy, and somewhere they feel at home.


  • Strong Welcoming Community
  • Oh the Biomes You'll Go
  • Shiny Starter and 2nd Custom Textured Starter
  • Starter Kit〡6 sethomes〡100 PC Boxes〡One Vault
  • Wild spawning Epsilons - PokeMC Custom Forms
  • All Legends spawn in The Wild
  • MCMMO style skills to level up, with Pixelmon features!
  • Create Player Teams, Towns, Gyms and Shops
  • Kanto Recreation Map〡Custom Astrellus Map
  • Nether〡Ultra Space〡The End
  • Relic Coin Shop - Earnable 2nd Currency
  • Improved Breeding Requirements
  • Custom Texture Breeding


  • Rotom Phone - Easy navigation in your hand
  • Check your Pokemon’s EVs and IVs
  • Wondertrade
  • Global Trading System (GTS) for Pokemon and Items
  • STS plugin - Earn money by catching/breeding Pokemon
  • Move Tutor and Re-learner Sites
  • Dye shop〡Block Shop
  • Resource World - Never run out of resources
  • Vaults - Earn Vaults for chest-less storage
  • Poke Convert - Turn your Pokemon into items for storage
  • Craftbook - Complex Machines without Redstone
  • Custom Texture Wiki〡PokeMC Player Wiki


  • Season Journey - Earn Exclusive Textures and Rewards as you progress
  • Safari Zone - Exclusive Custom Textures〡Fully Evolved Pokemon
  • Kanto Quest - Based on the Pokemon Game
  • Multiple Other Custom Quests
  • Staff Hosted Minigames
  • Weekly Tournaments with Seasonal Winners
  • Server Events and Competitions
  • Battle Subway - Earn Battle Points to spend
  • Monthly Capture Contest - Earn Custom Textures and Shinies


  • Over 2500 exclusive custom textures
  • Custom Forms - Shadow GX 〡Light MX
  • Gene Modded Eevees
  • Random Pokemon crate rewards
  • Seasonal kits
  • Pokedex completion rewards
  • Vote Crates - Earn keys by voting
  • Pokemon Themed Cosmetic Particle Wings


  • Join the showcase server to try our our custom features and test out your Pokemon builds!
  • Separate from the live server, kept up-to date with data-pack changes and cosmetic updates.
  • All permissions available to try out all of our cosmetics.
  • Access to the NPC Editor, Pokemon Editor Wand, Chisel and the Poke-Give commands.

Showcase Server available commands:

  • /pokegive - With the desired specs, found on the Pixelmon Wiki.
  • /pokeedit - Edit the Pokemon in your current Party.
  • /customwings - Previews the Wings and Tails we currently have through Patreon, the Webstore, and Relic Coin Shop.
  • /glow - Shows the available glows, obtainable through Patreon only.
  • /pc - Easily acces your PC.
  • /pokeheal - Heal your Pokemon.


  • Server Guilds
  • More Quests
  • PVE Mob World
  • Drowned World
  • Pokemon Claw Game
  • Battle Maison
  • Casino
  • Raids
  • Johto Recreation Map.
staff are kind to when you first start out staff don't abuse there power here one of the owners is active and very friendly staff you can talk to and be frines with is always good
Posted 31st Dec 2020
I've been playing on this server for over 6 years now, and I can say with certainty that it has one of the best, most tightly knit communities around. All the people on the server are friendly, and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of the history of this server, it's just so great to see people enjoying the builds and such that I've seen built from the ground up over the past year of this new world we have, and it's so great so see even newer people interacting well with the veterans, helping one another out and all around being great people to simply hang out with; its the reason I've played this long, because even when I get bored of the game itself there's always someone who's company I can enjoy.
Posted 7th Dec 2019