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Sacred Valley Pixelmon


Welcome to Sacred Valley Pixelmon. We are a friendly server for Pixelmon Reforged. Small and Homey. Its a great place to find people to chill with and just enjoy the vast world of pokemon.

The server has a custom In game Points system which allows you to purchase Anything from the server donation store without spending a single IRL bit of money.

We also run a Custom Safari Zone system where you can only use Safari Balls to catch the pokemon available in the safari zone. (New Zone Under Construction.)

We are going through a few changes in regards to builds and a few Builders would be appreciated.

The server is basic with an unhelpful inactive staff shoulsnt be openes to the public yet
The server replied:
This review has honestly been ignored as we have confirmed that the person who posted this was someone who had been banned 1 day before this was posted for building a Lag Machine that killed the server had anyone gotten anywhere near it.
Posted 18th Jun 2019