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ImperianGaming is a small server, hoping to grow with mature, funny, and cool people.

ImperianGaming has one extra mod, IronChests. Reason being is, in Pixelmon you acquire alot of new items, and we mean ALOT. IronChests adds that extra storage space, without being a bit over the top or OP.

ImperianGaming also has no world border, unlike other servers, you are limited to a block radius limiting your exploration. This is also key for finding certain biomes with shrines, or even certain pokemon.

ImperianGaming is a white-listed server, meaning you do have to apply to play. We want a clean and trustworthy community, which white-listing helps with.

Finally ImperianGaming has friendly staff that are 99% of the time on and are always willing to help.

To apply for ImperianGaming, go to .

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