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PokeDash ● Pixelmon Reforged


We're running Pixelmon Reforged v6.3.4 (adds over 250 new Pokemon!)
Use our Technic modpack to join us:

If you're having any issues, hop into our Discord for assistance:

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This server is great. Once you leave spawn and start your own adventure the lag subsides and pokemon spawn at a decent rate. The real problem with this server comes when you need help with something. I have used this server frequently for several months and found that the moment you need help the chat goes silent, even if there is a mod on or everyone knows the answer to the question. Also, the mods on this server are incorrigible, specifically Werrath and Yorik. Both are constantly grumpy and short with users, even people who donate and are being perfectly pleasant. Overall, this server has great potential but needs to clean house or have a serious discussion with the staff as to how they should act when they are on duty. Completely ruined experience.
Posted 6th Oct 2018
Best with great crates for fast progress!!!
Posted 11th Feb 2018
Very fun server i like that you can claim land so people cant destroy your buildings and i like that its so playable.
Posted 20th Dec 2017
I have not playing for so long but i can recommend this server to anyone who love pokemons and minecraft , its the dream for those guys.

I would like to have more legendaries but its okey

No lagg, good players,
Posted 14th Dec 2017
Staff are friendly and fair. Also they have good taste in Pokemon. Piplup is pretty cute.
And the players are kind and will help you out and treat you with respect and fairness.
Posted 2nd Nov 2017
As soon as i joined i got greeted by an extremely rude Mod, who then proceeded to ban me when i argued back without warning. Ridiculously handled and staffed server. Would not recommend!
Posted 10th Aug 2017
the server is cool and it is very interesting in the server coole pokemons and a cool shop sistem
Posted 31st Jul 2017
When I try to enter the server tells me failed to login
Posted 8th Jul 2017
>Join server
>My last server had really difficult ai gym leaders and I'm looking for gyms with people instead of ai
>I say "I have a few questions about the server"
>No one responds
>I go ahead and ask some questions
>No one responds to any of my questions
>They are all talking about stupid things
>I leave
Posted 18th Jun 2017
Have not seen a good pixelmon server in a while so nice change!
Posted 14th Jun 2017
best game ever dude, keep up the good work
Posted 2nd Jun 2017
Awesome best server recommended
Posted 16th Mar 2017
There is so much lag and the staff is horrible
Posted 21st Jan 2017
good surver guyes lol lol lol
Posted 21st Dec 2016
It's a quality server great staff and it's amazing for pixelmon
Posted 27th Nov 2016
So cool server, i liked it so much, if you enter you don't want to exit ^^
Posted 19th Nov 2016