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Project Shiba

Project Shiba: Pixelmon Reforged


Pixelmon has been updated to 8.2!
Tons of new pokemon, forms, and items have been added. View the changelog here:
Along with this huge update, we have added several new plugins to enhance the Pixelmon experience.

These include:

  • Playtime - Earn rewards the longer you play on the server
  • Shards - Earn shards you can use to spawn pokemon
  • PokeStop - Adds PokeStops from Pokemon Go! Check out the safari for regular redeemable rewards
  • PokeNear - Displays nearby pokemon and their details when you do /pokenear
  • LuckyCapturer - Adds a RANDOM chance for Pokemon to become shiny, to increase it's IVS, to have a hidden ability, and/or change texture on capture!
  • PokeSale - Sell pokemon directly to players for pokedollars!


Server features listed below:

  • Start with any of the original starter Pokemon!
  • Questing system with many different quests available!
  • Skills! Train your skills for benefits! Increased catch rates, vein mining, breeding rates, shiny rates and more!
  • Dailies! Complete daily tasks to receive rewards!
  • Battle or catch Pixelmon for rewards / items / in game currency Pokedollars!
  • Player gym spots available! Team up with friends and create a unique gym for other players to battle!
  • Pixelmon rarity based on the original Pokemon games!
  • A true survival experience, wondertrade is DISABLED, work with your friends and fill your Pokedex!
  • Shiny and legendry Pokemon are rare, catch one and become a unique player on the server!
  • Player vs Player Pokemon Battles!
  • Want a specific Pokemon very badly? Buy it form our Pokemall which contains every Pokemon in Pixelmon, available for in-game currency!
  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Sell your Pixelmon Items at the market! /market or /marketsell
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for Pokedollars automatically
  • Jobs Miner, digger and more
  • GriefDefender+ Towns
  • Taxes Plugin Town Tax, Shop Tax, Claim Tax
  • Lottery! Buy lotto tickets
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
Great server, no down time and friendly community.
Posted 6th Jul 2021
A great Pixelmon server with friendly staff. Set up so as not to be pay to win, with invasions, a custom built safari zone, dailies to complete, a friendly active community, and more content added quite often! This is a great server to join if you are looking for one to start pixelmon on!
Posted 5th Jul 2021
An amazing Pixelmon server :D
Posted 26th Jun 2021
This server is POGGERS. What else you need to know?
Posted 16th May 2021