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Poke Meadows


Welcome to Poke Meadows!

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Always updated

We're are now here with all the Poké-Goodness and Custom Content which we had before along with a lot more interesting and entertaining aspects to the server including Wondertrade, EVs/IVs, Player Gyms, Weekly Events and much more! Here at Poke Meadows we aim to create the best Server experience and the best Pixelmon experience we can possibly provide! We run Poke Meadows at a professional standard and aim to please every new user that joins our server!

What do we have to offer: Here at Poke Meadows we focus on our Players, we are highly rated for our Staff team and are constantly online and here to help everyone out and create a warm experience for all! Unlike many other Servers we also have Legendaries enabled, this means you don't have to donate for a Legendary you can find one in the wild! We have a various range of different plugins to enhance your experience here at Poke Meadows. We also update our plugins weekly - monthly this means you will always have something new to do here at Poke Meadows!

Events: We host events every day or every two days! These can range from Quizes to Hide and Seek to even mini-tournaments! Competing in these Events can win you some amazing prizes including Items, Shinies even Legendaries!

Gyms: We have multiple Gyms available for any player to battle! These are Player Gyms, so you can talk and interact with the Gym Leaders whenever you like! Why do we have this? We have Player Gym Leaders because in our opinion it creates a better experience for everyone and creates a more immersive playthrough.

Features we have on Poke Meadows: Wontertrade, PokeDex, Global Trade System, Daycare, Tournaments, Events, Poke Hunts and much more!

Welcome to the Server and enjoy your stay! Thank you v much!

Absolutely amazing server. Would recommend to anyone
Posted 13th Jul 2019
there is nothing bad about this server, it's the best server in pokemon generations. i never have lag on this server
Posted 2nd Feb 2019
One of the best parts of this server from others ive played is that its very friendly and every1 is polite. Another good feature is that i love the Bm being moved to somewhere in the sewers where you have to find it. So far theres nothing i dont like about this server. Good job!
Posted 31st Jul 2018
It's cool server, everyone are nice for others.
Posted 1st May 2018
One of the best servers I've played on. Friendly community, active and helpful staff.

Server is kept clean and up to date. There are a couple of Youtubers playing on our server so check them and us out.
Posted 24th Feb 2018
This server have a whitelist?
My nick in game is sIMONE
add me please.

if this section is wrong I apologize, but I do not know where to ask
Posted 3rd Feb 2018
its a really reallly good server though im not english the mods and stuff are really nice against the players and the pixelmost stuff works 99% out of the time so come on and join its a good server to have some chillaxing on!
Posted 16th Jan 2018
I like this server. It's fun and there is a great community. There are a lot of events. It's not hard to get legendarys. This server has a great owner and great staff.

Posted 15th Jan 2018
As soon as I joined the server, a barrage of "Welcomes!" were sent my way. This is a rare occurrence and it really made it feel more of a community. The staff in questions answered all of my questions and even proceeded to restore my Vote Keys after a rollback. Prime service, excellent community, and Pixelmon. What's not to love?
Posted 15th Jan 2018
This server is great, good community, well selected staff and a good economy; one of the best servers i have seen so far!
Posted 15th Jan 2018
this server sounds really good an ill really want to join but it wont let me join it says Mod rejections [FMLMod:pixelmon{1.2.1}] could any body help me with this? also one question are you able to make your own gyms?
Posted 7th Jan 2018
My name is DinoPCB

this server is the best pixelmon server i ever played
is so great,the staff is good people,very recommended
Posted 3rd Jan 2018
My name is ChampionSmarts

This server is very helpful with a nice playerbase the owner is always there to help players
Posted 2nd Jan 2018
Hello My username is ADeadCobra,
My experience with the server thus far has been pretty good. I like the friendly and helpful staff and the diversity of things that you are able to do. All-in-all the server is a great choice for when it comes to a good pixelmon adventure
Posted 11th Dec 2017
This server is family friendly, helpful and fun. Quality minigames and admins.
Posted 10th Dec 2017
A great server, I never found a server that would give me what I was looking for but this server gives me everything I want, site to level up, gyms and many more things, I give it 10/10
Posted 9th Dec 2017
Structure-wise: The spawn is lag hell.
Safari is a place to go if you want FPS sadness...

The little nitpicks aside...

Community-wise: Great people, interactive staff, mostly honest community! Everyone is always open to helping each other.

Growth: Seeing a lot of new faces on the server, it's only been a week... but I have grown to really love this server and it makes me want to be more apart of the server.
Posted 4th Dec 2017
A very fun server, and an honestly wonderful community. When my friend Viosmic recommended to me, i thought it'd be another boring server full of irate fools, like the rest. But this one has a great staffing and the community itself is honestly quite amazing.
If you ever catch yourself in need of a hand here, Just search me out (FernuxBlader is my IGN.), and I'll gladly help you out.
Posted 4th Dec 2017
It's a great Server, Not super pay to win although you can buy legendaries with irl money. The economy isn't horrible and the vote crate is always random and the odds are not horrible, it feels like you could always get something good but not at an impossible chance. The map is not super worn out to where you can't find any ores not that they are needed too much. The Shops they made are very convenient to where you can buy many things that you need at a reasonable price. The boss spawn rates are good and makes bosses and mega pokemon easier to find.
Posted 30th Nov 2017
The server is just fun all around and the chat is really friendly. The server is honestly amazing
Posted 30th Nov 2017
Great server. It has a friendly atmosphere, A great community and plenty of staff to help you when you have a question. I recommend this server to all People looking for a new pixelmon server.

Look out for me on the server!
My IGN is: Reshiram1119

Posted 25th Nov 2017
This is a great server and has very friendly people, I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes pokemon and wants to have a good time. It also has some cool features like rewards for completing the pokedex which motivates you to catch pokemon even more.
Posted 16th Nov 2017
This is a friendly server where everyone is ready to help, daily events and a great atmosphere. You can claim land to build and it has a dedicated training area and safari to catch Pokemon. It also has real gym leaders to beat for a more authentic challenge.
Posted 15th Nov 2017
I think this server has an awesome community, and feels like a great place. I know I just joined but its still, i get good vibes.
Posted 22nd Oct 2017
good server i played on it like 3 days and it has been fun i didnt always get my vote reward but its a good server and i have much fun
Posted 3rd Oct 2017