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Littlebay Pixelmon

Littlebay Pixelmon (Reforged 7.05)


Hey! I'm Jay, the owner of Littlebay. I started this server with 2 other friends of mine to create a friendly and close community of Pixelmon lovers! Our staff is made of close friends and is always expanding and changing to bring in new faces and continue that small community feel!

The server is based on Pixelmon Reforged, and is always updated to the latest version. Additionally, we wanted to add a unique feel to teh server, so we have realistic terrain gen installed with custom configs so pokemon and legendaries spawn in the array of new terrain. Explore the vanilla biomes with a new take on realistic terrain gen to find legends and shines alike!

Not to keep you long, since we believe that you will love the server once you join, we also have a discord that we would love for you to join to keep up to date with the server offline and to apply for staff positions! Ranks are solely time based, so your rank will increase depending on the amount of time you spend on the server!

See you there!
Discord Link:

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