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Spring on PokeBlossom!

Spring on PokeBlossom!

Hello, My username is LivingwithDying.
I have played on many other Pixelmon servers, the servers I tried always had a handful of issues that limited how much enjoyment I could have on them.
A time came when I decided I could do better, I could provide others with the experience I was longing for on a Pixelmon server.
So PokeBlossom was born! I went to work on creating my vision of the best Pixelmon server. Every decision I make is made to create the best possible experience for the players. I have put a ton of work into the server to get it to its current place and hopefully this is only the beginning! I would love for you to give PokeBlossom a shot, come join me in creating a Pixelmon community.
Current Features

  • Dex Rewards
  • Poke Hunts
  • GTS marketplace for Pixelmon and items
  • Wonder Trade
    I'm Currently working on Gyms, Quests, and a Pixelmon editor!

Come join the PokeBlossom Discord. Don't be afraid to let me know if you need anything!

Great server, small and active. The Technic pack lists the old ip, new one is .
Posted 18th May 2021
I cant give a legitemate review because i cant get on the bloody server!

I join, it keeps in me in for a bit, my items and pokemon wont load, and i cant chat. Then after about 20-30 seconds i get kicked by remote host.
Posted 21st Jan 2021