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Spring on PokeBlossom!

Spring on PokeBlossom!

Hello, My username is LivingwithDying.
I have played on many other Pixelmon servers, the servers I tried always had a handful of issues that limited how much enjoyment I could have on them.
A time came when I decided I could do better, I could provide others with the experience I was longing for on a Pixelmon server.
So PokeBlossom was born! I went to work on creating my vision of the best Pixelmon server. Every decision I make is made to create the best possible experience for the players. I have put a ton of work into the server to get it to its current place and hopefully this is only the beginning! I would love for you to give PokeBlossom a shot, come join me in creating a Pixelmon community.
Current Features

  • Dex Rewards
  • Poke Hunts
  • GTS marketplace for Pixelmon and items
  • Wonder Trade
    I'm Currently working on Gyms, Quests, and a Pixelmon editor!

Come join the PokeBlossom Discord. Don't be afraid to let me know if you need anything!

I cant give a legitemate review because i cant get on the bloody server!

I join, it keeps in me in for a bit, my items and pokemon wont load, and i cant chat. Then after about 20-30 seconds i get kicked by remote host.
Posted 21st Jan 2021