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NebulaMC Hub

Here's a little list of what NebulaMC is running:

  • PokeDex Rank - in our server, you truly do have to catch them all! Prizes are awarded as you move from rank to rank, completing your PokeDex.
  • Full Economy - not only do we have NPC shops customized to your liking!
  • Invite A Friend - Liked the server so far? Good! If you invite one of your friends and they stay for a while, both of you will receive a random shiny, rare candies and masterballs!
  • Legendary Spawning - Join for vanilla Pixelmon spawning and legendary roaming!
  • Adventure/Survival Custom Map - NebulaMC is proud to be the first Pixelmon server on a hybrid setup.
  • Active Community - Be it Staff members, players or guests, NebulaMC always has something going on! Our discord has more than a 4000 members and even a meme channel!

Want to join us? Install the latest Pixelmon Reforged!

This server is a pretty fun one!
Posted 18th Jan 2023
Very fun server to play on. Good poeple on the server
Posted 29th Dec 2022
very good server if your starting out or revisiting the pixelmon mod. staff are super friendly and many community hosted events every week. super kind community and its easy to make friends :)
Posted 9th Dec 2022
When I joined the server in 2018 I remember there was a tree with a bone room on its top, for some reason there is no tree anymore and I'm sad. Anyways when I rejoined in 2020 a mod offered me cock and ball torture. To sum up best server service ever
Posted 11th May 2022
I just joined the server a few days ago, but the staff is really helpful, and everyone is really nice. It's a bit of a struggle to learn the server at first, but after an hour or so you'll get the hang of it. Overall 10/10 server.
Posted 14th Apr 2022
Has the best staff and friendly atmosphere with many events and rewards
Posted 4th Jun 2021
Great server with so many cool features to offer! The community and staff are all great and friendly people and super helpful. I have nothing negative to say about anything except that it's hard to remember what routes are where, but someone is sure to help you figure that out :)
Posted 3rd Apr 2021
I started a couple weeks ago and I am really liking the sever, the staff seem to be very active and if you ask for help there are always people offering to help. The lore and quest aspect of the game is sometimes frustrating but overall it is quite enjoyable, after scrolling through a lot of the more negative comments I feel like how you experience the sever is very dependant on what you are like, for example I don't know a lot about pixlemon but I enjoy interacting and hanging out, and for me this sever is great.
Posted 31st Mar 2021
The staff are filled with people that would rather talk to their own groups, unbelievable for a small server to have people like these. They don`t really do anything much at all the normal players had to help each other because of this. They haven`t changed since i started played earlier this year, some of the staff are very condescending and somewhat negative. They will assume the words you say against them as purely negative, unable to receive criticism. A bunch of naysayers that always assumes bad faith upon them. Would not recommend after this unfathomable event. I had hopes that they would change, but i guess that makes me a fool to believe so since they didn`t even bother to lend an ear for advices.
Posted 15th Mar 2021
best pixelmon server. there was no lag, and it was very easy to get started
Posted 1st Mar 2021
The server's non-staff community is the only redeeming feature of this server. Unfortunately the owner, Rasgnarok, fails to appreciate and care for her staff and community within the server. Slowly but surely she has ruined the experience for everyone involved. The corruption runs deep through several policies. Unfair moderation being one of the biggest problems within the server.

If you are looking for a fun and fair Pixelmon experience, steer clear of Oblique.
Posted 9th Jan 2021
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Posted 27th Dec 2020
10/10 epic server server epicardooooooooooooo
Posted 12th Nov 2020
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Posted 4th Nov 2020
Really nice and helpful community.
Posted 28th Oct 2020
good server and i have been playing for quite a while i have made some friends and it was fun
Posted 20th Oct 2020
met the love of my life playing on the server, my shiny Quagsire <3
Posted 4th Sep 2020
Great cause its easy to make money and spend it and get
lots of good stuff in return but not too easy
Posted 9th Aug 2020
It just works -todd howard
Posted 25th Jul 2020
won't let me vote but kinda cool
Posted 4th Jul 2020
It's great! One of the only servers I've ever seen that actually adheres to the Mojang EULA, and is not P2W at all. Any donator perks are cosmetic, or boosts that benefit the whole server. Lots of custom plugins, and the custom quests are top-notch.
Posted 1st Jul 2020
Love it! Not P2W, and the community is great. Top Notch staff!
Posted 23rd Jun 2020
A very friendly server with unique lore and features such as quests. It's big, but not so big that nobody knows each other. An enjoyable experience! I've been here about a year or so.
Posted 29th May 2020
Someone stoule all my things, now i hate this server!!!!
Posted 9th May 2020
Nice server, easy to play on. Recommended :)
Posted 7th May 2020