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PokeLegends ● Pixelmon Dark


We're running Pixelmon Dark v2.4 (adds over 200 new Pokemon!)
Use our Technic modpack to join us:

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this server is one of the best servers i have ever played on, everyone is so nice and kind and have helped me greatly, from tracking down eevees to helping me evolve my pokemon, everyone is so nice and kind that i recommend this server to anyone who enjoys the thrill of pixelmon!

Posted 10th Oct 2017
Good server with quality admins. Its recently reset so join before everyone else gets a head start.
Posted 6th Jul 2017
I played only 2 days on this server. On my 2nd day the mod Randy accused me of using X-ray. I told him i absolutely do not use x-ray and would never hack in an online game. I have been gaming 20 years and online hackers is my biggest pet peeve. He says "then why can't you even form a sentence. What? Why would a senior mod say something this rude to a normal legit player? Then i said clearly something wrong with your detection tools then, all i am doing is digging straight tunnels 1 wide and 2 height, if i was x-raying it would be easy to see me going straight for high value ores but i'm not, i been mining this way for a long time and he says "why don't you make it easier on staff and just admit your x-raying".

Stay away from this server. They obviously have extremely immature mods who abuse their power. Has no proof i was using x-ray but accusing me of doing so anyway. Me and my cousin will now be looking for a different server.
Posted 1st Apr 2017
so amazing I love it so much
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
the server is good and all but, everytime I get a voting key, it doesn't work and it says I need key to access the crate, and I never got anything from it
Posted 30th Dec 2016
Server isn't laggy and runs well however... you need to spend like $100 just to get the /back command which is totally pathetic. Then there are many other basic/standard commands that you'll find on nearly every server that are locked behind a steep paywall. This server is pretty much "Pay us to play like other servers."

Also, it is very hard to get a staff members attention even when there isn't that many people on.
Posted 28th Dec 2016
Posted 19th Dec 2016
IS VERY GOOD YAYA IS very easy to build and have territory
Posted 10th Dec 2016
Great server, little lag, worth donating, great staff
Posted 18th Sep 2016
it can use some work like people trying to get back to there place if they dididnt et home
Posted 5th Aug 2016