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NidoKingdom Pixelmon Server

NidoKingdom Pixelmon Server


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Don't know how to join?
• Download Pixelmon Launcher here -
• Not on Windows? Look here -
• Add our server's IP to your multiplayer!
• We have a Pixpack! Search for Nidokingdom on your Pixelmon Launcher!

Check out our website at

Everyone is toxic the staff are slow the players are either bossy toxic or silent and damn right hypocritical and honestly get your work up server I wouldnt reccomend this server TO ANYONE!
Posted 16th Jul 2017
Everything here is perfect, the staff is chill, the community is amazing and nice, and the reliability is second to none. Please play this server, you will not be disappointed.
Posted 30th Jun 2017
What a fun server! Very cute theme idea, the safari zone is very nice. I also really like some of the plugins, I haven't seen a lot of these on other servers. Kudos.
Posted 23rd Jun 2017