This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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| IP: Poke.Miner.GG | Pixelmon Reforged |



Tournament Tower

Tournament Tower



Please note:
The server runs the latest Pixelmon Reforged modpack. If you run the wrong version, you will not be able to connect!


What We Offer

  • Fully Custom events!
  • Player run gyms for level 15-95
  • Level 100 Heroic Mode player run gyms
  • Player run Elite 4 for level 100
  • Pixelmon integrated shops, for all your item needs
  • Discord to chat and organise trades

The Latest Pixelmon

We always update to the very latest Pixelmon version, usually being the first to do so out of all the other servers on the list. So you will know that playing here, you'll always have the newest coolest features before everyone else.

Our Hardware

  • Multiple dedicated enterprise-level servers based in North America and Europe
  • Full system security from experienced professionals
  • 256GB RAM shared across the network

Want to play?

  • Download the Technic Launcher
  • Run the Technic Launcher and log in to your Minecraft account
  • In the search field, under the Modpacks tab, enter:
  • Click Install
  • Click Multiplayer, when the install has completed
  • should be listed! If not, add the server and log in!
It's very fun, but I lost some of my pokemon because of a glitch in the wipe, and there are some bugs but not game-breaking. very good 8/10 - Chilli27
Posted 5th Feb 2023
i love the server i started 3 day ago it is such a fun place

Posted 28th Jan 2023
very friendly people on the server
Posted 12th Nov 2022
actually enjoying this server quite a bit more recently before school starts up again. the staff is very nice and is the players are very welcoming as well :]
Posted 3rd Sep 2022
Lets hop it works...Legonator84
Posted 11th Jul 2022
Ive always had fun on this server but one time I removed sand while a event was going and there was sand all over the place. I and some other guy where the only 2 getting jailed, and that was a half year ago. Our igns are BroederTuck and Sebubs, can we please get unjailed we enjoyed playing here :(
Posted 11th Nov 2021
Really friendly staff! Thanks for making my lockdown month super fun :)
Posted 6th Oct 2021
it is great fun and i am really enjoying it _b1urred_
Posted 3rd Oct 2021
i like it alot is perfect to me.
Posted 26th Sep 2021
Its an amazing server with a very nice community and i play it with my friend TheToastyOne21 almost every day.
Posted 13th Nov 2020
Good server! :)

Username on MC is : stoeipoes71
Posted 23rd Dec 2019
I've tried all the featured servers and can say hands down that this is my favorite. It has a great community, never crashes and the staff are always ready to help.
Posted 14th Oct 2019
This server is amazing. It has many features to offer and in my opinion, the best pixelmon server released. There is little to no lag and the server is very smooth. Not to mention the easily playable features on the server, which are easy to access on all devices. As a player you start off feeling welcomed by the server and community. Achievements and events make you feel rewarded, and from my experience there is no abuse and bullying. Just being able to play and be involved in this server is a privilege, all staff are kind and involved in every problem. When I was starting off a familiar legendary spawned by the name ‘tapu lele’. I had no good Pokémon and Ash gave me an opportunity to capture the Pokémon. Somehow I killed the tapu lele but it was a great opportunity given to me by the admin ‘Ash’. Huge shoutouts to everyone on the server and admin Ash and helper Meow!

Posted 16th Jul 2019
Great In all ways But the Claiming System i cant claim anything easily.
Posted 1st Jul 2019
curly_juju - i really like the server and the free world feel.
Posted 16th May 2019
I love how this server makes it a fun adventure to hunt pokemon, the friendly and active staff, and all the cool events that happen basically every 30 minutes. Keep up the good work Poke Miner!
Posted 21st Feb 2018
I have been playing on this server for 4 weeks now and i am in love the people on the server are very nice and will help you with anything
Posted 8th Oct 2017
This server is the best one i have ever been on. There are so many friendly players who are ready to welcome you and help you out with what ever it is that you want to know. If you are searching for a server where everyone is ready to help, where you will find alot of pokemon spawn, and ready to have a great time with everyone eles, then i would recommend this server for all of you pixelmon players!
The server replied:
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Posted 6th Aug 2017
its cool. pokestops are added and egg road (run to hatch eggs) is neat. claim is great
The server replied:
Cheers! We actually helped the Pixelmon developer create Pokestops!
Posted 7th Jul 2017
whats the IP address everyone
Posted 27th Jun 2017
I love the way the staff is so kind. This server is great (even when you first start out!) I recommend this server alot!
Posted 25th May 2017
Friendly community and great staff! I joined and spam clicked through the starter screen and choose the wrong starter on accident. The Admin fixed it very quickly and was very kind along with the rest of staff. I like how the server has player gyms and has very proffesional staff. I am hoping to become a Elite 4 member and can't wait for the server monthly tournament. The only negative I have found with the server is that the shop at the spawn doesn't sell Sea lanterns. Overall the server is great. Make sure to come by and say hi to me!
Posted 11th May 2017
great server with a amazing community and fun times
Posted 29th Apr 2017
Nice Server Join!
im in and when i join i got ultraballs andcandys the admins is very happy and i happy there!
Posted 25th Apr 2017
This server is not your average Pixelmon Server. The community is very nice and kind, and the there is at least 1-3 staff members on line when I get on (normally). The rules are fair, along with the people and their auctions. The gyms are challenging, yes, but who doesn't want a good challenge? Players play as gymleaders as well.
The commands are well put together as well. There is (/rtp)&(/wild) which can randomly teleport you anywhere.
Spawn is filled with everything you need. Pokemon Center, Pokemart, Trading Center, Enchantment Table, Fossil Revival Center, you name it! There is also no hunger. It's not really "Survival" it's more "Friendly Survival."

People are very polite on this server, so I don't see any reason to dislike it. There isn't really any problems I can think of. Overall, great server.
Posted 9th Apr 2017