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| IP: Poke.Miner.GG | Pixelmon Reforged |

i like how they made the pixlemon :)
Posted 6th Mar 2017
staff are nice and the server is good, overall a fun server to play on, very welcoming community
The server replied:
Thank you very much GetNicked! We promise to keep making PokeMiner a better and more enjoyable experience.
Posted 21st Feb 2017
This is so far one of my favorite servers. Only server, in fact, and here's why:


- Virtually no lag (Any lag experienced by users are generally because they forget to increase their ram, or their machines can't handle it). I have no issues with this at all

- The staff are actually really helpful and know what they're doing, I've never had an issue.

- The community itself is actually nice and relaxed, I've immediately met nice people even upon joining, and already have brought a friend to the server

- There's only one voting link (This isn't terrible at all, it's just nice to vote for more rewards. But, like I said, one vote a day doesn't really suck.) There's also no pressure to vote at all, which is nice. I've experienced servers where we're constantly reminded to vote.

I would definitely recommend trying the server, new or veteran players. You'll find a nice balance to the spawning (legendries included), and even the plugins. A++
The server replied:
Thanks for the great review! It means a lot to us :)
Posted 15th Feb 2017
everyone is nice and itsa just a great server!
Posted 8th Feb 2017
I really like the server. People are really nice and you can make friends easily. Its quite fun and there are lots of things to do. I recommend it to everyone.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Amazing spawn gyms trainers and mods THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!
Posted 18th Dec 2016