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Pixelmon Servers

Pixelmon Servers


♚Pixelmon Modpack:
♚Pixelmon Realms
♚Pixelmon Reforged
♚Minecraft 1.12.2

Server Features
♚ 5x Pokemon Spawn rates
♚ Player Gym Leaders
♚ Ev Training
♚ Level 15 Shiny Starters
♚ Daily Vote Rewards
♚ Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
♚ Grief Preventon
♚ Amazingly Stable Economy
♚ Super Friendly Staff
♚ Wondertrade

very good server ixbluesxi
Posted 22nd Sep 2020
communities alright but the admins fuckin suck. they dont ever act on anything. the only reason i stay on the server is because i got some good shit on it
Posted 2nd Sep 2020
how to go this sever ,i'm chinese,think u!
Posted 23rd Aug 2020
admins who abuses their power
Posted 20th Jul 2020
this is a really good server love it TMD9
Posted 13th May 2020
it is good server i have fun on it
Posted 7th May 2020
The server is awsome some nice staff super nice server loving playing on it
Posted 22nd Feb 2020
This server has shown to be my favourite porcelain server I have joined. The enormous world it offers allows tons of building space and the blocks which are disabled to gather through the end and nether are more than likely accessible through the shop. All of the staff have been extremely friendly, especially while answering questions through discord and in-game chat. There has been no toxicity in-game whatsoever and the community is very inviting in order to get new players on their feet. Obviously begging is not recommended. I feel like the server has not been given enough credit for what they deserve. Even implementing their own discord bot and in-game events to give players unique experiences.
I would fully recommend people to give the server a shot. :>
Posted 31st Dec 2019
its good, i like it, and its good
Posted 21st Dec 2019
Perfect Server Username-JB_AutoCars
Posted 10th Nov 2019
that's a good server and I like it so much
Posted 10th Nov 2019
They hated upon the fennekin gang, I feel that they should except all starters before they assume that their precious little lizard is the best of all, think about bulbasaur, or fennekin as I mentioned, would not play again
Posted 11th Sep 2019
I always wanted to lay pixelmon, but never had a server. This one was the first one and was amazing. Very fun <3
Posted 13th Aug 2019
good game good models for pokes minimal lag pretyy epioc
Posted 9th Aug 2019
The server itself is fine if you enjoy relaxed survival.
Keep Inventory is on, however, the Nether and End are disabled. This isn't too bothersome unless you want the ores or blocks from those worlds. To which getting them will be costly or you'll have to fight a lot of pokemon to get the amount you want.
You cannot mine or build in Ultraspace at all so getting the blocks there is impossible too.

Generally, if you're fine with that bit, you'll be good on the server.

My biggest gripe with the server is that the community can be extremely toxic at times and completely unbearable. A few of the donors are the biggest offenders in my opinion.

If you don't like the toxicity I highly suggest finding a different server.

As for the staff, I don't really have an opinion on them, more neutral on that front.
Posted 22nd Jul 2019
Really fun and good, enjoy spending time on it with friends
Posted 3rd Jul 2019
Absolutely the worste server in history. I played for all of 10 to 15 minutes before i was banned for a mod that was installed in my client that i completely forgot was there. They didn't even warn me or give me a chance to remove it before i was perma banned.
Posted 20th Jun 2019
The best server <3 I really love this server, staff and players are all of them good persons and helped me when I asked for help!
Posted 6th Jun 2019
thanks a lot I've have been wanted this server for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 30th May 2019
super fun
i love it
kinda like my first pixelmon server
super cool
Posted 27th May 2019
Very friendly staff and community
Posted 26th May 2019
Worst server ever. Advertises "Friendly staff" but let people use offensive words against disabled people, then call you a child when you complain about it. DO NOT JOIN THEM!
Posted 26th May 2019
i love it so much i play it all day at scool
Posted 24th May 2019
Great Server, Helpful mods. Love it
Posted 16th May 2019
I like how there is 5x spawn rate it really helps to make up for so many people being on and delayed spawns.
Posted 8th Apr 2019