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Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.6 (adds over 250 new Pokemon!)
Pixelmon Reforged
♚Pixelmon Launcher:
♚Pixelmon Realms
♚Pixelmon Reforged
♚Minecraft 1.16.5

Server Features
♚ 5x Pokemon Spawn rates
♚ Player Gym Leaders
♚ Ev Training
♚ Level 15 Shiny Starters
♚ Daily Vote Rewards
♚ Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
♚ Grief Preventon
♚ Amazingly Stable Economy
♚ Super Friendly Staff
♚ Wondertrade

wouldn't recommend as if someone goes inactive and they have a lot of spammed claims around that have nothing at all in it the admins will not remove that despite them being trollish and random of top of that not having any activity in them for a whole month and seeing there is gonna be a lot of these every where i was suggest finding another server that will accommodate your request seeing it valid instead of just trying to keep their little rule intact or make someone that will never return happy their troll claims withstand a request to be removed
Posted 14th Mar 2024
its great game and server
Posted 24th Feb 2024
this is a great server i thank the people for creating this server
Posted 8th Jan 2024
Posted 18th Jul 2023
this is the best server i ever played. keep up good work.
Posted 17th May 2023
fun server and lots of things to do. great staff
Posted 27th Apr 2023
Some serious issues on this server, I would avoid it. Sadly I paid money into it before realizing these issues. Don't be like me.
1. Absolutely a Pay To Win server. Everything has been monetized that can be monetized on this server, and anything that could be nerfed in that mod (that would lead to players spending money) has been nerfed.
2. Legends do not spawn frequently enough. When they do spawn it seems to be on someone who is afk and they end up despawning, and the devs haven't done anything to make the timer work better, or even post coords in chat after 20 minutes.
3. Many of the mod mechanics do not work as intended, which seems to be so that people spend money.

As I said, dont be like me. Search for NON-P2W pixelmon servers and play for awhile before you invest any money into it.
Posted 16th Apr 2023
very pleasing to play and very fun
Posted 7th Mar 2023
this game is the best game i have ever played with the addition to other serves such as this one
Posted 4th Mar 2023
I think Its the best Minecraft Pokemon Server
Posted 25th Feb 2023
Great server to play with friends.
Posted 30th Jan 2023
Very naisu i enjoy playing here and then leaving for 3 months and comming back
Posted 9th Jan 2023
Wonderful but would love to see villages and npc trading or even a bigger market.
Posted 24th Dec 2022
Wonderful but would love to see villages and npc trading or even a bigger market.. its a game of collect al the trash atm. but over all love the server
Posted 24th Dec 2022
good good good good good good good good
Posted 12th Dec 2022
While the game is very fun the community on this server is very toxic. There are very immature a-holes on here that purposely mess with people to make them upset, People are also very condescending and mean, and most of the people with ranks have some sort of "im better than you" arrogant attitude. the server is fine to play on if you do not have chat on or interact like at all because the people on it suck.
Posted 11th Dec 2022
I've never seen a server that treats Its members this bad. Owner will not hesitate to use strong language against you if you make him mad and staff are just overall not helpful.
Posted 6th Dec 2022
People who play on the Emerald sub-server (not sure what else to call it) are pretty blunt and sometimes rude for no reason in chat, in the way that if they were talking to friends it'd be fine, but considering they're talking to strangers it just comes off as mean at times. I haven't played on any of the other sub-servers on this server, so this is the only one I can comment on.

Aside from that, this server seems very pay-to-win, considering the higher ranks startlingly high prices, and the sheer amount of perks, kits and commands locked behind them are a bit absurd. It also tends to feel like you're intruding on a private group chat when you, as someone without a rank, type in chat. Often it seems like the chat is only people with ranks talking to each other, which creates a sense of exclusion for those who don't want to spend money on this server.

On this topic, ranks do not transfer over to the other sub-servers in this server, which, while not being an uncommon practice among pixelmon servers from what I've seen, is still one that I don't think is fair. Considering the highest rank, Dynamax, is 500 gems (3 purchases of 150 gems and 1 purchase of 50), or about 504.96 real life USD, the fact that that wouldn't transfer over to any other sub-server is egregious. The second highest, Omega, costs 250 gems, or 249.98 USD.

Please don't waste your time or money on this server, there are much better ones out there that won't make you want to rip your hair out.
Posted 4th Dec 2022
Best pixelmon sever ive played
Posted 11th Nov 2022
good game nice graphics shinylegendking
Posted 5th Oct 2022
very good server but getting aids from not finding a legendary after pulling 2 all nighters but very fun game good to relive my childhood
Posted 20th Sep 2022
So Good! Making An Alola Themed Base. -MiniMezkin
Posted 18th Sep 2022
i like the game very much cause the animations are amazing and the pokemon
Posted 13th Sep 2022
everything is great, just dont like the very low chances of legendarys or bosses spawning. but overall chill and fun
Posted 10th Sep 2022
hello my name is FlaxenOx1457771
Posted 25th Aug 2022