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Pixelmon Servers

good halal gangsta giga chad valid server
Posted 8th Jan 2022
Don't bother building or claiming anything. Someone with a paid rank will come along and make you leave, even if you are over 50 blocks away from their build, because they "want to expand" and the rules say that they can do that and that if you don't comply it is against the rules. The server is 100 percent pay to win. The not pay to win tag is a lie. People who pay get more homes to set, more claim blocks, permanent night vision, portable healing and crafting, instant hatching and portable repairing of tools. Free ranks are looked down upon and are constantly the butt of jokes. People from other areas of the server come in and try to poach people and no one does anything about it.
Posted 16th Dec 2021
the best server for good pixelmon experience lielvishi
Posted 13th Dec 2021
Dont get me wrong, i love this server. Its extremely fun and i enjoy it a lot. The one problem i have with it is that I've been using the launcher for over a week now and haven't received my "Free Masterball". I spent that whole week grinding for a zapdos and when it finally came to that dies to struggle. Now maybe i couldve used a quick ball at the start, but still, like come on? Idk im just very annoyed with that little thing, but all in all im still gonna play, and recommend.
Posted 11th Dec 2021
its just great everyhting about is just great.
Posted 20th Sep 2021
great server super fun to play on it
Posted 6th Sep 2021
it is really fun and you can play with your friends. it also dosnt lag at all
Posted 6th Sep 2021
The Server was good its self
but I got banned cause I underpriced a Pokémon
Which is a bit annoying cause it does not clarify that you can not sell it at that price

but in the end I will still play after my 3 day banned cause it was fun and had a good community
Posted 5th Sep 2021
good server i like to play on it a lot
Posted 29th Aug 2021
Best pixelmon server ever

Posted 24th Aug 2021
is best pokemon server ever i play this game
Posted 6th Aug 2021
the server is amaizing i like it really much
Posted 28th Jul 2021
Its good I like it so far.
Posted 26th Jul 2021
Pay to win
community very toxic to new people
-Staff are horrible never see any
-Staff make up there own rules, and have had several staff tell me different things about the same problem
-admins take days to get on a problem
-abusive admins
-not too friendly community
-honestly get your stuff togther no admins are on the same page if you can even find one
-honestly was very sad how bad it turned out to be
-gyms are impossibly OP, all are max at a 100 lvl
Posted 24th Jul 2021
Love the server everyone is friendly and exploring is fun. I really enjoy playing on here
Posted 11th Jul 2021
Its funny and the pokemons are best
Posted 27th Jun 2021
Love it. It is everything I love about Pokémon and Minecraft together.
Posted 10th Jun 2021
aweseom and awesoem emoaena
Posted 5th May 2021
verry good and frirendly very helpfull admins and me ,ade alot of friends
Posted 17th Mar 2021
The best pixelmon server ever

Posted 7th Mar 2021
everyone is nice the admins are good at explaining and everything is laid out good
Posted 6th Feb 2021
The community is nice and helpful
Posted 24th Nov 2020
very good server ixbluesxi
Posted 22nd Sep 2020
communities alright but the admins fuckin suck. they dont ever act on anything. the only reason i stay on the server is because i got some good shit on it
Posted 2nd Sep 2020
how to go this sever ,i'm chinese,think u!
Posted 23rd Aug 2020