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Pixelmon Servers

Pixelmon Servers

The server itself is fine if you enjoy relaxed survival.
Keep Inventory is on, however, the Nether and End are disabled. This isn't too bothersome unless you want the ores or blocks from those worlds. To which getting them will be costly or you'll have to fight a lot of pokemon to get the amount you want.
You cannot mine or build in Ultraspace at all so getting the blocks there is impossible too.

Generally, if you're fine with that bit, you'll be good on the server.

My biggest gripe with the server is that the community can be extremely toxic at times and completely unbearable. A few of the donors are the biggest offenders in my opinion.

If you don't like the toxicity I highly suggest finding a different server.

As for the staff, I don't really have an opinion on them, more neutral on that front.
Posted 22nd Jul 2019
Really fun and good, enjoy spending time on it with friends
Posted 3rd Jul 2019
Absolutely the worste server in history. I played for all of 10 to 15 minutes before i was banned for a mod that was installed in my client that i completely forgot was there. They didn't even warn me or give me a chance to remove it before i was perma banned.
Posted 20th Jun 2019
The best server <3 I really love this server, staff and players are all of them good persons and helped me when I asked for help!
Posted 6th Jun 2019
thanks a lot I've have been wanted this server for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 30th May 2019
super fun
i love it
kinda like my first pixelmon server
super cool
Posted 27th May 2019
Very friendly staff and community
Posted 26th May 2019
Worst server ever. Advertises "Friendly staff" but let people use offensive words against disabled people, then call you a child when you complain about it. DO NOT JOIN THEM!
Posted 26th May 2019
i love it so much i play it all day at scool
Posted 24th May 2019
Great Server, Helpful mods. Love it
Posted 16th May 2019
I like how there is 5x spawn rate it really helps to make up for so many people being on and delayed spawns.
Posted 8th Apr 2019
great server, good people, sometimes crash but still pretty awesome to play pokemon on minecraft!
Posted 5th Apr 2019
Everything is great keep up the good work.
Posted 2nd Apr 2019
It is a fun time soaker and it is great for playing around with friends
Posted 28th Mar 2019
Pretty good server, pokemon are easy to catch. Only problem is that shrines need to be reset, and you have only a 5% chance of resetting them.
Posted 18th Mar 2019
this server is sooooo good
Posted 23rd Feb 2019
EZ loot mate, see ya folks in 3 days
Posted 29th Jan 2019
very fun there was a while where i couldnt log in but now i can
Posted 26th Jan 2019
I really like this server, everybody is nice, friendly, and will help you with whatever issue you have. I wish everywhere was as nice as this place
Posted 15th Jan 2019
I only have one problem everytime i try to follow on my twitter or google plus post it. It doesn't register as i did it
Posted 20th Dec 2018
Great Server
Impressive spawn
Overall great surrounding community
Posted 28th Aug 2018
favorite pixelmon server.
hunt is always fun
voting has good rewards
friendly server members and staff
have played for 28 hours on this server in the past 2 days
good server
Posted 6th Aug 2018
I like that the server is child-friendly and doesn't sware within the chat. Everything is easy to get to.
Posted 27th Mar 2018
The server is cool and fun
Posted 23rd Feb 2018
The in-game book guide that is given in your starter pack indicates that the only way to actually make money other than trading is voting or donating, so that is literally the only income into the economy. Which means you can bet you'll stay flat broke unless you open your wallet or you vote daily. They have essential features such as gyms not working, yet they have a fully functional donation system. That should tell you something about the staff running this server. I also don't want to spend time on here because, from reading other reviews, if you aren't an ignorant child and you begin to question the staff, you'll just be banned instantly. This server is cancerous.

Do not join this server if you want to play without spending money, or if you have any shred of self respect.
Posted 22nd Nov 2017