This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as PokeVanilla.
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This is a hardcore community, there is NO TPA, NO FREEBIES, HUNGER ENABLED. This server provides a real experience of the Pixelmon Mod. Nothing is given to you for free. Everyone is equal.

Do any of you miss the old days of Pixelmon? No spawning in with everything handed to you on a silver platter. Do you miss the real grind of Pixelmon... I certainly do. I have been searching for a server that is a complete vanilla feel, I have yet to find one...

I bring to you, PokeVanilla. A hardcore vanilla-styled pixelmon server with a no pay to win aspect. There is no buying keys, no freebies, no unlocking legendaries or special perks. A simple friendly community where we all share a common interest; the love and grind for pixelmon. If you are interested in being a part of this community, join the discord that is linked below.

Feel free to comment or share this post with your friends, we are trying to build an amazing and friendly community.

Requires Biomes o' Plenty!
Requires the latest version of Reforged!

Join our community discord!

I have never played on a more laggy unstable mess as this server. The staff might actually be children with the way they treat their player base. Not a fun place to play if you hate griefers and trolls. Mods do not answer tickets for days, don't stop griefing, and get annoyed when you need them. I love the idea of vanilla pixelmon but until a new server comes along with people that know how to run a server, this one is not the one. I'd give it a lower score if I could.
Posted 21st Feb 2023
Pure pixelmon vanilla, no p2w and no free stuff at the beggining
Posted 8th Feb 2023