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PocketPixels is a quickly growing network of Pixelmon and Faction servers!

Our Pixelmon servers feature an excellent experience! PVP is disabled, but you can still build and craft items! You can battle and train your pokemon in order to beat that gyms and collect all 8 badges! Once you've done that, you can challange the elite four! You can build a house, or join one of our many player-run cities. With GriefPrevention, it is ensured that you will never be griefed!

Our factions servers offer one of the best faction experiences you will find. An actively growing player base where you can raid to your hearts desire, or play more defensively and build a base with your friends.

Complete with a website and store, we have everything you could ask for. We regularly accept suggestions and often implement them so that we can be the best server experience possible. Join us today!

PocketPixels has one of the greatest communities I've ever seen, offering a large variety of features, and ACTUALLY giving players a challenge, rather than spoiling them. You earn the top, you don't just get it.

Community - As for my experience on the Yellow server, I have been playing here for over a year and the community is delightful. Every day trying to improve a players experience, and actually have reasoning to do things, and give players a chance to speak out there opinion on what can be improved, within the Community in general. Each server has there own unique features such as suiting your play style with economics, rules, access, competitive etc.

Staff - All the staff do your job, as I am a member of Yellow, all staff always have reasoning and are picked based on if they're ready or have an understanding of what they're there to do. Helpers are ALWAYS active in chat, and there is NO power abuse.

Reliability - When PocketPixels says they're going to do something. They do it. There may be delays there and then, but they always do it, when it comes to support, updates, and features, but overall, you can trust them, and their word.

Features - The server offers many unique features that you may have seen on other servers, but the majority are PocketPixels' exclusives, here are to name just a few of the many features PP has to offer.

- TMTrade - Trade TMs and get a random one back!

- /wiki - Lazy to open up the wiki on a serach engine tab? No worries, /wiki is there to give you info straight from in-game!

-Crates - The crates give off worthy items from Leftovers, Life Orbs, and custom additions!

Responding to incorrect reviews, that people have taken no time to actually find out why things are the way they are :

- "Fly" - The fly permissions were never meant to be for normal players, but a Mod+ feature, but being requested by many, we added it to the shop in order for it to be something for players that REALLY wanted to fly. You can use Pokémon and /top to get to high elevations.

-"Shops are broken"- The shops are NOT broken, but are being UPGRADED to higher quality shops than the ones we had before to improve player experiences. Pocketpixels ALWAYS tests things before implementing them in order to IMPROVE your experience. You can always rely on a player to provide with the items, while the shops are being updated.

-"Spawn-Rates are non-existent" - Not spoiling players with a large amount of spawn rates keeps player with a no-lag stable framerate. This makes finding pokemon actually worth while. Pokémon will not just spawn in the blink of an eye, you actually have to LOOK and WAIT for them to spawn near you. 40 spawns within 5 minutes is perfect, legend spawns are 100% at a steady rate, making legends actually be considered LEGENDS.

-" No way to make money " - That is a very opinionative statement. Money actually takes TIME, players aren't looking for ores or blocks, that is why there is a SHOP. Items that are EARNED can be sold to players such as Life Orbs, Leftovers, Mega Stones, TMs, and GOOD Pokémon. Overally, you can make 20k in less than an hour, which is a perfect rate.

-" Mods not answering questions" Mods aren't suppose to answer questions as they are suppose to keep the chat clean and server playable, with no bad experience.

-" No giving pokemon to others" - Where's the fun in Gym Guiding/Spoiling everyone? That's right, there's no fun. You may gift, but not excessively, which is perfectly stable.

Overall, this server is very well balanced and friendly, fun, playable, and entertaining. Would highly suggest playing on it, and I highly suggest checking out Yellow ;)
Posted 29th Aug 2017
although pocket pixels has a large community that is active it seems all the server cares about is how much money they can grab from you. everything is over priced and some of the perks you are spending your hard earned cash on aren't even permanent. example- you have to spend $10 in order to fly....for one week. then your permission is revoked and you have to spend another $10 if you wanted to fly again. and if you wanted to do something as basic as checking your evs and ivs you better be spitting out $15. or of course you can just spend your entire paycheck on one of the many overpriced ranks that they offer. the most expensive kit is $400. what comes in that kit is something any other server charges maybe $24 for. oh and conveniently there shops don't work and they don't allow the use of npcs to sell items or buy items. but don't worry for real life money you can buy those items on their site. its absolutely disgusting what they are getting away with. please take this into account before dedicating anytime with this server.
Posted 8th Jul 2017
Very solid server! Keep up the good work guys!

Highly recommend to any new player looking for a pixelmon server.
Posted 4th Apr 2017
This server is actually amazing. I've been to quite a few pixelmon servers but this one definitely has to be my favorite or 2nd favorite. The staff are great and actually enforce the rules, the player base is friendly, there is a working economy, the gyms are difficult which I believe to be a defining aspect of a pixelmon server. If you haven't been here before I definitely recommend checking it out! Especially the blue server, that's the one I play on :D.
Posted 4th Apr 2017
I thoroughly enjoy this server with it's friendly staff and playerbase, everyone is friendly here as long as you can follow the rules. Plus, the gyms are actually a challenge here!
Posted 4th Apr 2017
Love this server. I've been playing for 1.5 years now, and love it. They have 4 different options for pixelmon servers, so find one you like. I suggest yellow ;)
Posted 21st Mar 2017
Staff are super rude and not helpful
Posted 16th Feb 2017
Economy is broken, staff are braindead, Spawn rates are non-existent. All round terrible server.
Posted 5th Feb 2017
I got mute for no reason but i do like it plz tell me why i got muted
Posted 23rd Jan 2017
Too many issues to name on this server. The economy has crashed completely, no way to make money decently, no giving pokemon to others, mods not answering questions, no one really helpful is ever on ect.
I had a lot of hope before but now its disappeared.
Posted 23rd Jan 2017
The server has a lot of potential, but there is a problem that doesn't let it grow more. The "ecobraking" rule. The rule is there for a good reason: to not let ppl break the economy. However the staff takes it as something totally different: you cannot give pokemons, you cannot sell stuff for your own price (even if it's only 100$ cheaper than their "minimum" price) and nobody buys stuff, because the price they force you to use is not the real one, just one that they want. So the economy doesn't flow, you cannot do anything with the money/rare things you got, and if you do anything that they want to consider as ecobreaking, you will get banned. Also, the server is almost only staff members, because the staff is huge and the players are just beginners, and since the economy doesn't flow, making money will be as hard as milking a stone.
Posted 24th Dec 2016
This is a good server with friendly staff. But the think that made me not like the server that much is that you need to buy some basic commands. The same commands that you get for free in other servers. While it might not be that big of a deal for most players. To be able to raise a competitive team, you either need to buy the /ivs command or have someone do it for you.
Posted 19th Dec 2016
Es muy bueno para dejar votos
me encanto me gusto mucho
Posted 26th Nov 2016
good set of pixelmon servers to play on, but remember that you have to fallow the rules
Posted 17th Nov 2016