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All our servers offer unique and enjoyable Pixelmon experiences, for all involved in the Pixelmon community, which you won't feel anywhere else! Our aim is to provide you with a pixelmon experience like no other filled with our custom content, events, and a one of a kind friendly community. Join our servers, and begin your adventure of a lifetime!

Put your skills and knowledge to the test by challenging our 8+ Gym System, run by experienced staff members, to earn all the badges! If you're into the competitive scene or looking for another challenge, you can challenge our Hard-Mode Gyms, Elite Four and Battle Frontier. Try our daily quests where you complete challenges to earn a range of rewards and experience the Pixelmon gameplay to its fullest!

You'll constantly see new custom content and network updates, staff members actively improving your experience, giveaways and events with prizes, and much more!

Everyone can find something to do on our servers! Fitting into your play style is easy, whether it be competitive battling, trading, catching Pixelmon, hunting down legendaries, or even hanging our with friends! You'll find a place in the PocketPixels community.

Personally, I find the server very entertaining to play in. It's pretty addicting and I had really fun experiences on this server. Most staff members are helpful and playing doesn't feel boring like when I play Pixelmon Survival.

I have one issue about this server and it's the "Pay to Win" parts about it. There is a shop feature called Build a Pixelmon which allows you to make a pokemon and customize it. You can even set its IVS and nature if I'm remembering correctly and I find it a bit unfair. Overall, that is my biggest complaint about the server. Another problem is the server constantly crashing. It crashes a lot and probably could be resolved with enough resources.

-unprofessional reviewer who just wants to share his raw thoughts

Posted 12th May 2021
I like the server, but if you’re planning to buy anything from the store, beware. They moved support to discord with support tickets and the store manager hides behind the staff and doesn’t allow messages straight to him. I bought something and had a problem and no word for 4 days and couldn’t Good server, but horrible staff.
Posted 29th Apr 2021
I like it very much and it runs quite smoothly.

Posted 29th Mar 2021
the server has an amazing community and the staff a really helpful if you need help.

Posted 23rd Feb 2021
Enjoy playing this server. Everyone is friendly and helpful!
Posted 10th Dec 2020
Server is *incredibly* friendly with very active and helpful staff in both the discord and in the server itself. Absolutely love playing in there, even if I'm not really playing with anyone else. Probably the only server I've ever been excited to go and hop on and play right away when I'm free. Very glad I found out about Pocket Pixels, probably the best mc server I've been in! ^ ^
Posted 25th Nov 2020
nice sever it very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sever
Posted 31st Oct 2020
Me and all my friends love playing pixlemon together one BLue Server
Posted 8th Oct 2020
great server but the legendary spawn rate on green is very low if you are a one person playing
Posted 14th Sep 2020
I really like this server. It's a lot of fun to get Pokemon and battle people with them, and level them up. And a great part is the special events each day, like raised Shiny spawns, and raised Boss spawns.
Posted 27th Aug 2020
Great Server!!!! The Staff Are Very Nice!!!!
Posted 26th Aug 2020
Disclaimer: VERY PAY TO WIN STILL. I was stupid enough to actually pour money into this server, don't make the same mistake I did! (From a blue server player)

In other news: This server has a few pros and cons (get into that later). My main problem with this server is that it's half-way between low money system (50k is about what good legendaries go for) and high prices for pretty simple items.

-Amazing friendly community
-Almost always has at least one Gym leader on
-The staff are great and the helpers are always willing to answer any questions
-legendary hunting is actually decent, not too easy not too hard
-/ticket response times are quick and the admins super understanding

-The current Economy Min Prices
-Crates are too pay to win
-The shops provide way too many things to buy but not sell
-The only player sold items tend to be pokemon with high ivs (this means the folks with all the expensive daycare equipment get decent money (other than legendary hunters or people who get stuff through crates)) (basically the rich get richer)
-The exception to ^: Crate items also sell

If you haven't noticed by now, the cons all relate to the economy. I'm now gonna give ways to fix this and examples. The first example being the min price for moltres, zapados, and articuno shrines is 25k. Despite those shrines are one time use (and then you have to get an admin to help if you want to delete it), they are overpriced. These 3 shrines might give you an almost guarantied legendary, they come from vote crates are you can easily find 2-3 in the gts at all times (pretty clear that there's bigger supply than there is demand). Destiny Knots are also 25k, and yet they can only be gotten from higher tier crates, and can only be obtained without crates from a rarity 8 pokemon (for reference eevees are very valuable at 50 rarity) that then has a 5% chance of dropping a d-knot. Granted you will only ever need 1 d-knot as opposed to 1 shrine=1 legendary, but the destiny knot doesn't guarantee a good pokemon, it's a tool that makes it faster to get a good pokemon AND is just 1 of several components needed. All of this combined results in little money flow besides rich players selling to each other and poor players needing to either spend $33 for a 6iv poke or grinding the hell out of the game. There's an easy way to fix all of this however. Either reduce the minimum prices for items that need to be reduced, or increase the rarity of over supplied items. There's a pretty easy way to see when and items minimum price is too high: when the item is only ever sold at that price, those items are always sitting in the gts at min price, and when the staff constantly have to tell people they are breaking the min price rule. Another fix for the pokemon prices: just because a poke has a Hidden Ability or is shiny should not be the only factor that determines it's price. A HA pokemon should also have gender play into it's min price (since only females can pass down the HA). A shiny ratata shouldn't have a min price the same as a shiny garchomp. Ivs should also play into the min price of a shiny (5k is too high for most of them)

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk
Posted 20th Aug 2020
Pretty fun, sometimes a bit laggy when a lot of people are online but you'll never be alone on this server. Community is friendly and helpful!
Posted 2nd Aug 2020
The server crashes frequently and is commonly full otherwise its fun
Posted 10th Jul 2020
it is a nice server to play with friends
Posted 8th Jul 2020
I like the server a lot, I've been like 1 year and something playing, and if there is something that I should highlight about this server, it has a very good staff, and well, it also has SOME bad things, there is no rain, and if there is by events, VERY rare, and that the spawn cup of legendarios is very low, just think about it, we have to wait 3 DAYS for spawn zygarde, it is too low, with the excuse that it is to maintain the economy, I mean, the economy it's VERY bad on this server, but it's a good server, and why am I still playing it, because I'm going too far to end it? :3
Posted 9th Sep 2018
I have had the pleasure of being part of this team for a little over a year - being a player for half a year before that. I first came to this server after watching a YouTuber and have been hooked since.

My only personal downside would be that shinies don't seem to have a value and legendaries are easily gotten out of vote parties and crates - a little bit too easily, meaning that some users hog 150+ legendaries.

Other than that, this server is continuously showing they can adapt their servers to try and meet new demands - that they are happy to listen to concerns and suggestions. Not to mention, there are monthly events held on each server : Red, Yellow and White as well as events for the server as a whole. Very inclusive!

Their discord is also very active, both with default players and staff, so there's always someone around who will answer any questions you may have. They also have an active teamspeak where you can talk and get to know members of staff.

I would highly recommend this server to someone looking to be part of a community.
Posted 24th Mar 2018

Extremely commercialised to the point of being pay to win. Paying for basic commands, paying for items, paying for pokemon, paying for training areas, etc. The objective is clearly to make money, not to provide a good experience for the players. And when you do give money, sometimes they decide not to give you what you paid for and refuse to give a refund.

I would not recommend giving this server any money, as they might take it and run. Be very careful with these guys. I wasn't and if it was a larger amount of money I'd be taking legal advice right now.

Add to the fact you've got kids as young as 13 on the staff team and you have the obvious 'power going to the head' effect.
Posted 4th Feb 2018
The server's players are very friendly and try to help when staff aren't available. The gyms are player run adding an additional difficulty to them and requires players to use strategy instead of pure power. The community is nice and there really isn't anything to dislike. I've been playing for over a year now and I am very happy to say that everyone is very welcoming.
Posted 30th Jan 2018
Let's start off with an introduction. I first joined PocketPixels in September 2016 after watching a YouTuber play on the server, it looked like a bit of fun and I was bored at the time so I decided "why not". I didn't expect to be still playing on this server still to this day but here I am, and this is why.

Firstly, the community is especially helpful to new players. Have a question? The helpers will answer it relatively quickly. Need a Pokemon evolved through trading? No worries, there will almost always be someone on to help and assist you with anything. Even something obscure like helping you think up a team for a gym, which links into my second point.

The Gyms on this server are probably the reason I've stayed this long and have continued to do so, they provide an extra layer of fun and challenge to the server as they start off relatively easier but escalate in difficulty, with some of the gyms requiring gimmicks that add even more to the challenge. I can't begin to tell you how much time I've put into breeding, EV training and leveling up Pokemon to take on the gyms. In total there are 31 gyms on the red server and 26 gyms on the yellow server, which - to put it bluntly - means that you have your work cut out for you!

The economy should also be a thing that should be touched on, some people may argue that it is a slight bit too strict or controlling but in my opinion it's fair. Their may be minimum prices on valuable assets such as legendaries and Hidden Ability Pokemon. But without these the economy would be extremely unbalanced and quite frankly fall apart, it enables new players to work for things that they want to have and adds to the challenge. The salary plugin makes basic needs like blocks and machines (e.g a Healing Table) easily affordable for new players. Additionally, this server is nowhere near P2W (Pay 2 Win) like some other servers out there. I have spent next to no money on this server apart from a generous donation and currently have almost 9 boxes of 5IV, EV Trained Pokemon. There is a limit to what you can buy on the store (an example being a 6iv ditto) to keep things in balance for all players.

A few minor things to touch on include the /quest and /pokehunt plugins, which are amazing ways to earn quick money and have fun whilst doing to if you're not a competitive battler. The friendly and active staff who do an amazing job at running the server and keeping the rules enforced. The teamspeak and discord servers are well maintained and active and you can always find someone to talk to in them and possibly make new friends!

But the finally, and I think main reason why I've stuck to this server is because of the fact that it keeps changing. Every couple of days there is a new changelog with fixes, improvements and new features which help expand the server. Not only that but the frequent events always give you something to look forward to in the future and help keep players engaged.

To be quite frank, PocketPixels is a server like no other and I highly suggest that if you're reading this please give it a try and join today!

Thank you.
Posted 30th Jan 2018
Pocketpixels is a great server I wouldn't have anything to say bad about it, it is one of the best minecraft servers I have played in a long time and pocketpixels has an amzing community everyone is friendly and welcoming... From the first day I started playing on pocketpixels I knew I would stay there for a long time... I have been on the server over 2 years now and will continue in my free time
Posted 26th Dec 2017
Alright, ive been on the server for almost 2 years now as an active member and a staff for just over a year. I believe the staff are very kind and there is a variety of things to do on the network from skyblock to pixelmon.

Although sometimes bad things happen that is a way of life. You will always have your ups and downs no matter where you are. This frame of mind keeps me and perhaps other staff with a positive mind.

Overall i think the server is stable and in control
Posted 23rd Dec 2017
The Pocketpixels server is a really amazing server it is very fun to play on and i have been a member for 2 years on the server o maybe even more there are few things that need a bit of working which i will mention.

1)The server is really good but Pixelmon red could use a few more h normal leaders i know the staff has been working on Elite 4 but do first give other gym leaders h normal gym or hire a few new Gym leaders.

2)I have been on the forum and noticed people who make good applications for helper or Gym leader Don't get picked as that role but people who are coming back get picked really quickly which i find unfair to the other players as well they should also get a chance to be helper or leaders.Also a lot i have noticed on the red.

But aside for the things i mentioned above the server is Amazing the staff are there if you need help everyone is friendly and they always help I really recommend playing on the server if you want to play pixelmon and other games.
Posted 30th Nov 2017
I am proud to say that I have been a member of this server for more than two years. Although we have our ups and downs, we manage to pull through.

Of course, it all comes down to preference, but through the years I've really grown on the network.

We have developers that work on great plugins and makes the whole experience better. Our forum is a place where you can ask for help, apply for staff or read other's threads.

Along with the server, we have a Discord channel that's very active, and there are always staff members to moderate and make sure that everything is kept appropriate and that the rules are followed.

In addition to the Discord channel, we have a TeamSpeak that's generally active, where you can talk with other people from across the network. I find it very interesting and fun, and you get to really know the people you may talk to on a day to day basis.

The community is always being worked on. Like mentioned before, we have our ups and downs, but we always manage to pull through, which in my opinion only shows a sign of humanity. The fact that we're able to communicate and fix issues the way we do is a sign of strength within the community, at least in my opinion.

So go on, try the server out! The worst that can happen is that you don't like it. We welcome you with open arms!
Posted 29th Nov 2017
Been part of PocketPixels for almost 2 years now. Can't describe how much I've enjoyed being part of this network and getting involved with the community.

The features are great and they're always working hard to bring new features. Bug fixes are being done a lot more now too to improve the experience of players.

The staff are friendly and welcoming to all, helping to improve the experience. Constantly seeing events being hosted in-game and they're always different.

Enjoyable and fun all round.
Posted 29th Nov 2017